Former Northern Rivers star brings enthusiastic program to phase

SHE had actually shortly returned from visiting South America, however no jet lag appeared when Tash Sultana took to the stage for her first gig at Bluesfest.The self taught

singer-songwriter, looping genius, multi-instrumentalist and previous Northern Rivers local was for numerous a highlight throughout the celebration.

And she was quick to lay down the law with three basic guidelines early on in her set.

“If you’re homophobic, f *** off,” she stated.

She had the very same rule for any “racist” and “transphobic” punters. The crowd stayed for the duration of her 90-minute program.

Mentioning the problem she has actually faced in cutting down tunes to a radio-friendly couple of minutes, the young star demonstrated the power of “real live music”, with prolonged variations of her hit tunes.

She concluded her opening night the show with a 10-minute variation of Jungle, prior to a stunning critical encore.

The 22-year-old has formerly opened up about her battles with drugs as a teen and her subsequent musical journey. That journey has actually seen her capture the hearts of music-lovers and if her audience under the Mojo tent on Bluesfest’s opening night was anything to pass, it’s not just Millenials she’s snagged with her memorable tunes.In her extended live performances, it was clear this rising star is not just a well-rehearsed young artist, however a skill who has the real power to dominate the stage.

So powerful and complex is her loop-heavy music, it’s simple to forget there’s just one set of hands on stage.

There were a lot of gobsmackingly skilled act upon this year’s Bluesfest lineup.But regardless of

all the long-time legends and iconic groups, Tash Sultana’s efficiencies were not to be missed.

She had the energy to bring fresh life to the popular hits that have sealed her name in the minds of her fans.

There’s no doubt she’s got the talent.

However beyond those first three guidelines for her audience, Tash Sultana gave the stage something a minimum of one other headliner did not have: a deep regard for those who withstood the mud, the fire ants and the hours in a crowd to see her.Tash Sultana willreturn to the Mojo phase at 8.15 pm tonight.