Google Android P: Top 5 functions you can not miss out on; check information

Google just recently introduced a sneak peek of the next Android variation. (Reuters)

Google recently introduced a preview of the next Android version. The new Android version has been dubbed as ‘Android P’ and has been launched through Designer Sneak peek 1. The new OS is most likely to be formally introduced in May throughout Google’s annual developer conference I/O 2018. Although the tech giant has not launched all the features of the new OS, here are some that have given the smart device geeks an adrenaline rush.1- iPhone X-like notch: The Designer Preview of Android P is lastly out and the os now has the arrangement to include a notch at the top of the screen. The assistance ranges from an iPhone X-like broad notch to an Essential-phone like small notch. To accommodate the notch Google has actually repositioned the status bar in a manner that will utilize the area on both sides of the notch. The inclusion of this support also symbolizes that Google might attempt the brand-new notch style with the next generation of Pixels.2- Enhanced password autofill: The feature is currently there in Android, however with new OS it is touted to obtain much better. The new feature will avoid users from typing in section while filling types, passwords and so on

3- Capability to see image messages in the alert: Android smart device users will now be able to view image message in the notification simply by swiping down the notification tab on their phone. It was not readily available previously, which implies Android P will make life simple for Android users.5- New image compression technology: Now, transferring pictures will be much easier than before. While moving photos, Android P will conserve more information and space on the handset. It will be enabled by Android P’s HEIF image encoding support.