Mercedes-AMG C63 replacement to become a hybrid

Mercedes-AMG is staying committed to V8 engines for the C 63, but that may all change moving forward. With emission requirements growing and electrification being in vogue, the eight-cylinder may have to step aside for something

smaller sized.” I believe the formula is ideal for now, but for sure we have to have a close look at practical options, because we need to be imaginative and I’m going after efficiency and that’s not strictly connected to the number of cylinders,” Tobias Moers, CEO of AMG, stated in a report by CarAdvice.

“If you use appropriate smart hybridisation or electrification to a vehicle which is capable of having an always-on technique relating to the battery and the entire system, then it’s incredible what you can leave them. Which indicates for sure the next-generation Mercedes-AMG C 63 will be a hybrid– that’s now a provided,” he added.Moers likewise hinted

the C 63 may lose its trademark rear-wheel drive setup in its next generation, although he didn’t reveal additional information. Considering the present E 63 comes with a new AMG Performance 4Matic+ totally variable all-wheel drive system, the next C 63 could use the very same versatility as well.For now, the < a href= > facelifted C 63 has already been exposed at the New york city International Car Show, with the V8 staying quite as is.”I think it’s a perfect combination of power output and equipments, now with the nine-speed box, which provides the perfect series of equipments. It’s better sorted out on a race course– you’re constantly in the best equipment, coming out of corners, for example,”Moers said. “The C63 was always well balanced, now its much better because we

increased the driving characteristics, added a bit more convenience and it’s much faster on a racetrack with much better traction on the rear axle. You can get back on the throttle mid-corner and absolutely nothing takes place, which is fantastic.”” We used some features from the GT R, too, like our integrated car controller, which is part of the ESP. We’ve also altered all the suspension settings with a new anti-roll bar and new dampers, spring rates together with geometry changes for really, more comfort and faster lap times,”he added.With the V8 gone, there’s the matter of exactly what clients will speak with the exhaust. “Clearly, if it runs electrical then there’s no AMG thunder. We are dealing with serious regulations, particularly in Europe, however sound is really essential for our customers, no doubt about that. However, I’m positive that we will discover the right option for that issue,” described Moers. GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupe facelift The post< a href = rel=nofollow > Mercedes-AMG C63 replacement to

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