The social media warriors were not there … so who are they to pass judgment?

Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson after an Ulster match
Stuart Olding and Paddy Jackson after an Ulster match Just like everybody else on social media, I wasn’t in Paddy Jackson’s house in

Belfast on the night of June 28, 2016, and I didn’t see exactly what occurred. I didn’t stroll in on anybody doing anything and wasn’t partial to any sexual exchanges.Generally speaking, when we miss a night out where bad things supposedly decreased, we state, “Well, I wasn’t there, I do not truly understand, but I heard …” and chatter ensues.In this case, after a 42-day trial with a 12-person jury (later trimmed to 11 after a juror ended up being sick), 30 witnesses including 10 law enforcement officers offering proof, 4 accuseds, one declared victim and a cabby who drove the lady house on the night in concern, the consentaneous verdict found all four men not guilty.Everyone has left

the courtroom -bathrobes and wigs were hung back up where they belong, before being dusted off for the next trial.Yet, on social media -the court of popular opinion-the trial continues.Despite the clear verdict – Paddy Jackson was found

not guilty of rape and sexual attack, Stuart Olding was found not guilty of rape, Blane McIlroy was discovered not guilty of direct exposure, and Rory Harrison was found not guilty of perverting the course of justice and keeping details- the online program needs to go on.Many have come out and revealed their assistance for the accuser via #ibelieveher,

while others are taking the side of one or all the four men.Sure, often the guilty go free.Victims do not see justice.There is no epidemic of guys falsely implicated of rape, while 64%of sexual violence cases go unreported in Ireland,

inning accordance with statistics in a 2014 report from the Rape Crisis Centre.The legal system is long and uncompromising for victims and dissuades them from stepping forward. Women are really typically not psychologically approximately the rigours of a trial.Some are terrified, many ashamed to come forward.The really public nature of details read out in trials implies judgment ensues.But Northern Ireland is a democracy, thankfully, and the trial went prior to judge and jury for 8 long weeks.A rape accusation is

a serious one and can ruin lives and careers and therefore the alleged victim requires to be

cross-examined. What’s the alternative- using middle ages tactics? Maybe unanimous castration rather of a trial?”I’m so f ***

ing upset”,”Please do not support this outright disregard for ladies “,”I remain in tears”,”I can’t even …”and so it goes on.Online projects have occurred-all from the convenience of their armchairs by a bunch of individuals who still weren’t there that night. All by individuals

who appear to forget the foundation of our criminal justice system: ‘Innocent until tested guilty.’Rape trials are ambiguous.It’s a single person’s

word against another’s. Then you add alcohol plus time over distance.So, frustratingly, we will never know what went on exactly.But what if, like the jury has actually discovered, the guys are innocent-does that not stand for anything?Would you prefer to be falsely implicated of rape on social media?It’s a crying shame the jury only included 3 women.We represent 50% of society and, in cases like these, more than any others, we require more female representation.Some online analysts have recommended the young girl was the one on trial, and the four males got a brief walk in the park.They did

n’t. Their credibilities are in tatters.Over time, truths will end up being unclear.People will say, ‘that’s the rapist dude’when they see

the guys about town or potentially playing on the pitch.They will forever be connected with this rape trial. A pat on the back from the old kids this ain’t. In numerous methods, this case has actually been specified by social media, the scourge of our time.The accuser was stated to be afraid of being recorded and for the film to be put online and become a subject of ridicule; while the existence of #metoo-which in numerous cases

has actually stretched the meaning of rape-has let loose a

lynch mob onto the web causing possibly unknown damage.There are no winners here.As it occurred in Belfast, the males weren’t anonymous, as they would’ve remained in the Republic.The lady had her knickers handed round the

courtroom.The way rape trials are carried out needs to change. #Metoo began a conversation. An important one.Perverts being publicly

outed is great.Sexual harassers getting called out. Fabulous.Women being empowered to speak out.

Even much better, bad guys being ostracised and losing their wives, kids and tasks, and sometimes even getting penalized by law.But it has stretched the borders of rape.Rape, unwanted sexual advances, sexual assault, stating something out of line-all bundled together under the exact same heading, eventually the lines of exactly what rape is will be blurred.Women who get raped still get judged.” She used a brief skirt, she was p *** ed, she was high, exactly what was she finishing with that person

anyway?”This mindset towards ladies being raped is as present now as

it ever was.While they were cleared of rape, the 4 men still spoke

awfully about their accuser in messages the next day,

such as”there was a bit of spit roasting going on last night fellas”,”It was like a merry-go-round at the

carnival”,” What the f *** was going on. Last night was humorous “. Well, not actually. This type of language doesn’t show respect or integrity.So, as we dismiss any viewpoint that’s not in line

with our virtuous puritanism, we need to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, we still weren’t there.Barbara McCarthy is a self-employed reporter based in Dublin