Easter has actually always been a fun time on the Coast

ON THE Sunlight Coast, Easter frequently brings a modification in weather as our warm days begin to cool down.

It also begins the first school vacation break of the year and thoughts turn to relaxation as many individuals take a couple of day of rests work.Camping, caravanning, fishing and bushwalking have long been popular pastimes on the Sunlight Coast at this time of year.Many individuals go to services at their regional church, as it is a duration of reflection for the Christian faith. Easter falls on the first Sunday

after the very first complete moon that occurs on or after the March equinox, so the date changes each year depending upon the lunar cycle.

An Easter service at St Joseph's Catholic Church, Nambour, in 1975.

< img src =https://media.apnarm.net.au/media/images/2018/03/29/b881299610z1_20180329090029_000gks11lr8a2-0-ua6kw7ulevdpb17d0q2_t460.jpg alt ="An Easter service at St Joseph's Catholic Church, Nambour, in 1975."title=" An Easter service at St Joseph's Catholic Church, Nambour, in 1975.

“data-largeimg=https://media.apnarm.net.au/media/images/2018/03/29/b881299610z1_20180329090029_000gks11lr8a2-0-ua6kw7ulevdpb17d0q2_t620.jpg > An Easter service at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Nambour, in 1975. Image Sunlight Coast The most common church services are hung on Excellent Friday and Easter Sunday, when church neighborhoods gather to appreciate and pray. Numerous of us take pleasure in hot cross buns filled with dried fruits and spices, traditionally embellished with a cross to symbolise the crucifixion.Easter has always been a popular time for occasions to be staged on the Sunlight Coast.On Easter

Sunday 1964, countless viewers lined Nambour’s Currie St to watch a wheelbarrow derby arranged by the local Lions Club to raise funds for community causes.

It was a successful event with many nominations, the well-oiled wheel barrows needed to be run over two heats.Due to jostling

and a bottle neck on the course, an amazing pile-up of pushers took place about five metres from the start line in the first heat.

The wheelbarrow derby gets underway in Currie St, Nambour, at Easter 1964.

The wheelbarrow derby gets underway in Currie St, Nambour, at Easter 1964. Picture Sunshine Coast Those who avoided the collision raced along Currie St, where they altered from passenger to pusher, finishing in front of the Civic Hall. This incident was not repeated in the second

heat as crowds were asked to offer participants additional area. As soon as the two warms were decided, the placegetters lined up for the grand final.

General winners were B. Burke and M. Postle, with A. Pitman and G. Tomasi in 2nd location and J. Cutmore and W. Worth third.

In the mid-1970s, the Rotary Mooloolaba Prawn Festival was a popular occasion at Easter.Many zany activities were motivated and the theme for the competitors was “Anything Goes, which showed to be an uproarious phenomenon with raft and road races and amazing costumes.

Groups comprised two women, three males and a reserve.

Camping on the Spit at Mooloolaba, Easter 1935.

Outdoor camping on the Spit at Mooloolaba, Easter 1935. Picture Sunlight Coast Butts Grocery store and Drape sponsored the competitors and Rotary got the fundraising profits. In 1978, the Sunshine Coast Billy Cart Championships were prepared at Aroona for the Easter vacations, with profits going to Caloundra Health center. A tip in the promotional advertisement specified “all billy carts need to have efficient brakes and crash helmets should be used”.

If you didn’t own a crash helmet, Caloundra Lions Club would lend you one.There were

kids’s races and likewise one for adults.

An unique note encouraged ride-on lawn mowers or comparable motorised vehicles would not be accepted.

Tanawha World, on the old Bruce Hwy at Tanawha, in 1976. Opened in March 1978, it was advertised as the home of the

Tanawha World, on the old Bruce Hwy at Tanawha, in 1976. Opened in March 1978, it was marketed as the house of the “life-sized “Australian dinosaur Rhoetosaurus’and the Tyrannosaurus Rex (pictured) was among the essential attractions.Picture Sunshine Coast Tanawha World, a new tourist complex opened in time for the Easter holiday in 1979, was released by partner and better half group Derek and Marylou Heisler. It was situated in between the Buderim and Maroochydore turn-offs on the old Bruce Hwy.The grand opening was promoted in the Nambour Chronicle and it assured to be a remarkable celebration, with earnings on the first day going to the Coast Guard.Attractions included”Ping Pong”, the evasive Tanawha gorilla, goat club display screens and train and boat rides with free gifts for kids.At the family restaurant called the Bird Space you might delight in a steak and salad from $2.75.

Surfing icons Ma and Pa Bendal in 1965.

Surfing icons Ma and Pa Bendal in 1965. Photo Sunlight Coast The Pa and Ma Bendall Memorial surfing contest is held at

Moffat Beach each year at Easter time. The WindanSea Surfing Club is staging the 44th annual sporting event thiss Easter.

It is one of the longest running surfing contests in Australia and this year has a prize pool of $15,000.

Held at Moffat Beach, the browsing fraternity will visit our region to commemorate the history of Caloundra’s 2 renowned characters, Ma and Pa Bendall.The Bendalls

were wacky characters who beginning surfing in the early 1960s when they remained in their 50s.

They motivated the youth in the area and started an invitation just club called The Moffateers.

Pa was an ex-Canadian Air Force officer, who blew a whistle when he captured a wave to let other internet users understand he was coming through.Surf rules was

paramount and you certainly would not have been invited as a Moffateer if you broke the guidelines, which consisted of no swearing or driving around in fast cars. Ma was a stalwart

, both friendly and kind, who was the earliest female surfer and probably only one of couple of women in those early days who did surf in Queensland. In 2017, the Pa and Ma

Bendall Memorial contest was called the Sunshine Coast Sporting Event of the Year. A park above the Bendalls’preferred area at Moffat Headland is named after this unique couple. The original Ma and Pa Bendall boards are displayed

at the Torquay World Browse Museum, where the Bendalls are acknowledged as 2 of Australia’s renowned surfers in the developmental years of Australian surfing.Happy Easter to everyone. Delight in a safe and relaxing break.