[Special] D9 unit formed to reduce secret societies

KUALA LUMPUR: Prior To the Special Job Force on Organised Criminal Activity and the Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group became, all efforts to battle organised criminal activity fell on the shoulders of the Criminal Examination Department’s Serious Crime unit.The division,

called D9, was formed in 1970 following a boost in Chinese secret society activities.Armed with obsolete guns, such as Sterling 9mm submachine guns, Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistols and.38 revolvers, the males of D9 fought in high-risk operations against organised crime groups.Federal Crook Examination Department deputy director( intelligence/operations)Datuk Huzir Mohamed said serious criminal offenses were a big issue up until the development of D9, which had young, devoted and capable policemen.” In the 1980s, we saw a boost in secret societies in Malay and Indian neighborhoods.

It was worrying as there were murders of innocent individuals and attacks versus police.” This pressed the force to boost D9 in regards to possessions, releasing them with HK MP5 submachine

guns, which remain in use today, and other devices.” He said D9’s successes implied they were continuously targeted by organised crime groups and dealt with risks daily.”These are the risks that every police officer understands featured the job in D9. They are prepared to put their lives on the line to make sure the security of the nation and public peace at any time or location. “An early D9 success was the remove of what some individuals called the Malaysian Robin Hood gang, led by the well-known Botak

Chin. Chin and his gang were pursued by the Magnificent 12, a group of cops who ended up being popular for their devotion to their responsibility, intelligence and bravery.Led by Assistant Superintendents Gui Poh Choon and Kenny Woodworth, the Magnificent 12 shot dead 2 members of the gang and injured 2 others, consisting of Chin, on Feb 12, 1976.

In 1992, the D9 unit detained the leader of Geng Komando and its members in a raid following an attack on numerous policemen.A year later, D9 was crucial in the tracking down of well-known criminal

Bentong Kali, though he passed away at the hands of a Special Action System team in Damansara.In 2010, a D9 team fixed the disappearance of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya when their examination led to the reality that she had actually been eliminated and her remains burnt.Five years later on, D9 and Stafoc members fixed the

kidnapping and murder of deputy public prosecutor Datuk Anthony Kevin Morais.