Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK v6.0 preview

Great News! We are anticipating a major release of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader, variation 6.0. In a couple of weeks, our users will be able to attempt the revamped algorithm and APIs. Here are some highlights for preview:

Added a method to develop custom-made barcode reading design templates

  • International criterion: This is on the task level. You can define max thread counts and debug mode here.Image specification:
  • One job can have one or multiple design templates, i.e., image criterion. Most projects only have one template, in some specific scenarios, you might require to process a batch of images of various types. You develop one design template for each image type.Region definition: If your barcode always appears in a specific position on the image, you can speed up the acknowledgment by specifying the region.Format specification: The template permits various settings for each barcode symbology.Take the
  • below image. There is one barcode at the leading left corner and one at the bottom left corner. If we have

    a batch of types with a similar design, we can develop a template with 2 regions, specifying the 2 corners. (Click to see the full image) Below is the code to set parameters for areas and barcode formats: ” Version “:” 1.0 “,.<

    Enhanced performance and accuracy

    Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.0

    • Enhanced typical reading speed by 50% in a four-core CPU environment.Improved the reading accuracy and speed for blurred QRCode and DataMatrix.Improved the speed for checking out barcodes straight from a computer/phone screen.Improved reading speed for small barcodes in high-resolution For fuzzy images which are brought on by low resolution or unsteady hands, the brand-new variation performs much better due to the new algorithm.Pre-process the image– Text filter If a barcode is on a document, the program will apply the text filter technology to eliminate texts from the

      image. This will considerably

      accelerate localization at a later phase.– Area pre-detection For both documents and photos, you can make it possible for region pre-detection to localize the barcode block( s). At the later localization stage,

      the program will focus on

      the pre-defined blocks rather of the entire image.– Grey Equalization for Low Contrast Images Sometimes the black pixels on an image may be grey-ish and have low contrast with the white background.The brand-new variation presented a residential or commercial property Grey Equalization Sensitivity to set the grey limit. It will considerably aid with the binarization of the image. Binarization is the procedure of converting a pixel image to a

      black and white image.On top of the standard text, which is the encoded text in a barcode, the program is now returning more details in the outcome: Raw text, which indicates the basic text plus start/stop characters, inspect digits, etc.Candidate text.

      When the image quality is not ideal, the program may have to make multiple guesses regarding exactly what the barcode encodes. The guess with the greatest confidence level is returned as the standard text, and other guesses can be returned as candidates.The program can

    • now return barcodes which are localized but not decoded. This might be brought on by a mistake detection. Or, it IS a barcode but too blurry to decipher.