Ian Moss revives Matchbook on vinyl

Matchbook, the 1989 album by Ian Moss, is back on vinyl.

Matchbook, the 1989 album by Ian Moss, is back on vinyl.CONTRIBUTED NEARLY Thirty Years since Ian Moss launched his post-Cold Chisel career with the launching solo album Matchbook, the multi-platinum release makes its return to the LP format in a limited edition run continued white vinyl. After making his name as a guitar player, songwriter and co-vocalist in

Cold Chisel, Ian Moss released his debut solo album Matchbook in 1989. While the album featured direct connect to his Chisel past thanks to the look of Moss’ previous bandmates Steve Prestwich (on drums) and Don Walker (on bass and keyboards, along with a songwriter for much of the album’s 10 tracks), it was also an enormous success by itself terms.

Upon its release in January 1989, lead single Tucker’s Child went to # 1 on the ARIA Songs chart and stayed in the leading 10 for 11 weeks.

“Like Chisel’s Bow River, the tune wound up being an amalgam of 3 seemingly unrelated parts,” Ian said of the song, a co-write with Don Walker which ended up being the 2nd very popular Australian single of 1989.

“Eventually, I understood they were all part of the same song struggling to emerge.”

Ian reveals his rough demonstration lyrics would never ever have enabled Tucker’s Child to become the radio staple it stays to this day.

“Don asked me to send out a rough demo portraying music, the melody and phrasing. It didn’t matter exactly what I sang. Just make anything up to provide me the essence,” he stated.

“The very first line of my improvised nonsensical lyric ended in the word motherf ***. I can just presume this tickled Don and inspired the name Tucker. Within 2 weeks he had a complete set of great lyrics.”

When Matchbook followed in August 1989, it debuted at # 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart and sold more than 185,000 copies.

Moss won five ARIA awards for the album, including Best Australian Album, Best Australian Male Artist and Best Australian Single and Australian Tune Of The Year for Tucker’s Daughter.

A variety of Matchbook’s songs still feature in Moss’ setlists, consisting of Tucker’s Daughter, Telephone Cubicle, Out Of The Fire, Mr Rain and Such A Gorgeous Thing.

“I enjoy vinyl, so to have it re-pressed on vinyl and in limited edition white is incredible,” he stated.

Matchbook is a work to be pleased with, particularly provided it was my launching album as a solo artist.”

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