In Letter To CEO, 1000s Of Google Employees Revolt Versus Armed Force Drone Job

Google made advising him to withdraw from the Pentagon partnership.The letter, released this week by the New York City Times, opens:

“Our company believe that Google needs to not be in the service of war. For that reason we ask that Project Maven be cancelled, which Google draft, advertise and enforce a clear policy specifying that neither Google nor its professionals will ever build warfare technology.”

The staff members clarify the specific innovation the company is offering:

Google is executing Job Maven, a customized AI surveillance engine that uses ‘Wide Area Motion Images’ data recorded by United States Federal government drones to find vehicles and other items, track their motions, and offer lead to the Department of Defense.”

Google’s previous executive chairman and present board member, Eric Schmidt, has Sergey Brin and Larry Page were funded by military grants in the 1990s as the intelligence neighborhood tried to reinforce mass security when the web was in its early phases. Quartz reported:”The grants enabled Brin and Page to do their work and contributed to their developments in web-page ranking and tracking user queries. Brin didn’t work for the intelligence neighborhood– or for anyone else. Google had actually not yet been included. He was just a Stanford scientist taking benefit of the grant supplied by the NSA and CIA through the unclassified MDDS program [Massive Digital Data Systems, a job handled by military and intelligence professionals]” Google staff members’determination to challenge the company’s leaders over their cooperation with the Pentagon is exceptional, however as they stress the slogan” Do No Evil,”it might hold true that Google wandered off from this policy long before it tattooed its latest Pentagon offer.