Last words of world’s most well-known killers on death row

Lots of had decades to think of their awful acts while waiting to die on death row and as they were being strapped into the electrical chair or being prepared to receive a deadly injection, these founded guilty murderers had one last thing to say.

‘Hoka, hey it’s a good day to die’: George Bernard Harris. Image: Clark County District Attorneys OfficeSource: Supplied

Clarence Ray Allen hired a hit guy to eliminate eight witnesses who testified against him during his trial for the 1974 murder of his kid’s girlfriend.A paroled fellow inmate later killed 3 of them and was detained in possession of Allen’s hit list, which was utilized to found guilty him.He died by lethal injection on January 17

, 2006. Last words: “My last words will be, Hoka Hey, it’sa good day to pass away,”he said. “Thank you quite, I like you all. Goodbye. “‘Highway killer ‘William Bonin in court circa 1983. Photo: AP Source: Supplied Convicted of the murders of 14 males and young boys in between 1979 and 1980 but suspected of raping and

eliminating numerous more, Bonin was nicknamed the “Freeway Killer”because he would dump his victims along Southern California roadsides.He was executed at San Quentin State Jail by lethal injection on February 23, 1996. Last words:”I would recommend that when an individual has an idea of doing anything severe against the law, that prior to they did that they should go to a peaceful place and consider it seriously.”After winning US$ 500 on a craps video game in Kansas on March 11, 1989, George Bernard Harris exchanged the cash for two gatling gun, then employed a second man to

hold the weapons for safekeeping.The 2nd male offered the weapons to a 3rd man to hang on to but when Harris desired the guns back later that night, the 3rd man could not discover them, and Harris shot him dead with a revolver.He was carried out by deadly injection on September 13, 2000. Last words: “Someone needs to kill my trial lawyer.”‘Offer my love to my friends and family’: Serial killer Ted Bundy

. Image: Ap Source: News Limited Bundy was one of America’s best understood

serial killers however no one is actually sure the number of he killed.He was founded guilty for killing two Florida State University sorority sis in January 1978, and a 12-year-old girl three weeks later.Incredibly, heperformed all 3 killings after

having actually gotten away from prison in Colorado, where he was dealing with charges in the 1975 murder of a nurse.He admitted to 30

murders prior to being carried out in Florida’s electrical chair on January 24, 1989. Last words:” I ‘d like you to give my love to my friends and family.

“‘I’ll be back ‘: Serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Photo: Supplied Source: AP Aileen Wuornos was a sex worker along Florida’s highways who shot numerous males in between 1989 and 1990. She was founded guilty of 6 murders and sentenced to death and her murderous rampage was made into a hit Hollywood

film starring Charlize Theron.Wuornos was executed by lethal injection on October 9, 2002

. Last words: “I ‘d simply like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’llbe back, like Self-reliance Day, with

Jesus, June 6th. Like the film, huge mothership and all. I’ll be back.” ‘Kiss my ass ‘: Serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied Serial killer Gacy’s change ego was Pogo the Clown and he was worked with for countless children’s celebrations and charity drive around

Chicago in the 1970s. Gacy was founded guilty of murdering a minimum of 33 teenager boys and boys in between 1972 and 1978. All were killed in his rural cattle ranch home, many of them strangled or asphyxiated and Gacy buried 26 of the bodies beneath his home.He was executed by

lethal injection on May 10, 1994. Last words: “Kiss my ass.”Kid molester and killer Westley Allan Dodd circa 1989. Image: AP Source: Provided Convicted serial child molester Westley Allen Dodd pleaded guilty to the 1989 sexual assault and murder in Washington

state of 2 brothers aged 10 and 11 and the abduct and murder of a

four-year-old young boy in Oregon.He was executed by hanging on January 5, 1993. Last words:” I was once asked by someone, I do not remember who, if there was any method sex transgressors could be stopped. I said no. I was incorrect. “‘ Keep the faith

‘: Kimberly McCarthy.

Photo: Texas Department of Corrections Source: AFP McCarthy went to the house ofa 71-year-old neighbour in Lancaster, Texas under the pretence of borrowing some sugar before stabbing her to death.She was implicated of killing 2 other senior ladies in 1998 but never dealt with trial.McCarthy was killed by lethal injection on June 26, 2013. Last words: “This is not a loss, this is a win.

You understand where I am going. I am going home to be with Jesus. Keep the faith. I love y’ all. Thank you, pastor.”‘I have actually battled the great fight’: Rosendo Rodriguez. Image: Texas Department of Bad Guy Justice

by means of AP Source: AP Rodriguez III admitted to killing a 16-year-old girl in 2004and discarding

her body in a Texas landfill.He was later on founded guilty of killing and disposing a 29-year-old woman in the very same manner the list below year and was linked to at least 5 other sexual assaults.Rodriguez was carried out by deadly injection on March 27, 2018. Last words:”I have actually battled the great fight, I have run the excellent race. Warden, I’m prepared to join my father.

” THEY are some of the most evil individuals on earth, performed for dreadful criminal activities against males, ladies and children.