Putin spokesman explains Weinstein accusers as ‘prostitutes’.

Dmitry Peskov’s comments, made throughout a discussion panel at a Moscow university, can be found in response to a question about Russian MP Leonid Slutsky, who has actually been implicated by several women of sexual harassment, triggering a public dispute and contrasts with the Weinstein scandal.

Peskov stated if the allegations versus Slutsky were true, the women must have spoken up earlier, and suggested the claims might have been made now since unwanted sexual advances had actually ended up being “trendy”.

“If he searched you, if he harassed you, why did you stay silent? Why didn’t you go to the cops?” Peskov asked, echoing a widespread sentiment in Russia over the accusations. Peskov stated the case advised him of the scenario surrounding Weinstein. “Possibly he’s a sleazebag, but no one went to the police and stated ‘Weinstein raped me’. No, they wished to make $10m. What do you call a lady who sleeps with a male for $10m? Maybe I’m being unrefined, however she’s called a woman of the street.”

More than 50 ladies have actually implicated Weinstein of offences ranging from unwanted sexual advances to rape, including a number of popular Hollywood actors. Weinstein is alleged to have used private detectives and legal dangers to challenge and daunt his accusers and stop them from going public with sexual misbehavior claims.