#Showbiz: Siti Nurhaliza’s official Comel Pipi Merah MV provides listeners ‘the feels’

KUALA LUMPUR: The newest single from Malaysia’s leading singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin continues to generate ‘the warm fuzzies’ in Netizens as they provide their heartmelting experiences online.

The music video to the lullaby tune Comel Pipi Merah, which was uploaded on YouTube via her official DatoSNurhalizaVEVO channel two days back, had began trending at No. 4 after garnering over 422,000 views, 35,000 likes and 1,500 remarks.

Many had wrote that they felt choked up after viewing the four-minute video.

“I had a wide smile from start to finish. Didn’t even understand I had shed a tear,” wrote one fan.

Another used: “Don’t understand why I’m choked up. Such a long wait for the nation’s No. 1 vocalist to be blessed.”

Even one Netizen who admitted that he wasn’t a fan, wrote: “Something for particular is that she can truly sing. Congrats to Datuk Seri Siti and Datuk Seri Khalid.”

The comments online were overwhelmingly favorable with lots of congratulating the best songstress on finally achieving motherhood after near 12 years of being wed to Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa.

Many wanted her firstborn child, named Aafiyah, well too.

The music video included a series of images, from prenatal ultrasound images and her child room setup in the house to Siti being led on a medical facility bed into the operating theatre and lastly the cute visages of her little infant.

These were interspersed with a radiant Siti, who was greatly pregnant at the time, singing the tune while seated on a swing.

The appealing tune, composed by the singer herself, featured lyrics by her supervisor Rozi Abdul Razak, who is also Siti’s sister-in-law.

It was produced and set up by Lee Sze Wan, with guitars by Sham of Kamikaze and drums by John Thomas.

A separate lyric video for the tune, which was published on Universal Music Malaysia’s YouTube channel on March 14, was also a hit with Netizens. It trended at No. 5 with close to three million views and about 2,000 remarks.

Siti provided birth to her 3.55 kg child girl via C-section on March 19 at about 8.17 am in a private health center here.

Her little princess was nicknamed Fatimah Az-Zahra before Siti officially announced her name as Aafiyah throughout a private thanksgiving occasion at her home last Sunday.

The function was screened live on her YouTube channel.Siti’s Comel Pipi Merah main video: Siti’s Comel Pipi Merah lyric

video: Siti’s thanksgiving(aqiqah and tahnik)ceremony: