The Canada150 Quiz Countdown trivia test: Day 31!

(the “Authorities Rules”)

These Official Guidelines govern the Contest. By participating or attempting to take part in the Contest, you will be deemed to have actually received, understood, and accepted these Authorities Rules.The Contest is sponsored and administered by Rogers Communications Inc. or among its subsidiaries or their affiliates(“Rogers “) on behalf of Maclean’s. Rogers and any co-sponsors of the Contest

are referred to jointly or separately as the “Sponsors “. The Contest might be communicated, promoted, or administered by methods of a third party social media or social networking service or site(a”Third Celebration Service” ), the Contest is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, any Third Party Service; any questions, remarks or problems regarding the Contest must be directed to Rogers and not to any Third Celebration Service.2. WHO MAY ENTER THE CONTEST?The Contest is open just to locals of Canada

(excluding locals of Quebec

)who have reached the age of majority in their province or territory of house since the date of entry.The following people are not eligible to get in the Contest:( a)staff members, officers, directors, representatives, and representatives of:(i) the Sponsors
, or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries or affiliates;( ii) any reward suppliers;(iii )any and all other business connected with the Contest; (b) a family member of any of the people noted in (a ), above, whether or not associated; members of the instant household( partner, moms and dad, kid, brother or sister
)of the people listed in(a), above.3. WHEN DOES THE CONTEST START/END? You might enter the Contest Daily in between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM starting February

1, 2017 till July 1, 2017(“Entry Duration”). Perpetuity referenced in these Authorities Guidelines are ET.4. HOW DO I GO INTO THE CONTEST?No purchase is needed to get in the Contest.To get in the Contest, see Canada150-quiz during the everyday entry period, and send your day-to-day quiz response on the Google

Type, and include your name, address and e-mail address by the suitable Daily Entry Period.5. HOW MANY TIMES MAY I GET IN THE CONTEST?There is a limit of one (1)entry per person/email address daily.6. COULD MY ENTRY BE DECLINED OR REJECTED?Your entry might be declined or turned down if: (a) you attempt to get in the Contest in a style not licensed by these Authorities Rules;(b) your entry includes false or deceptive information, or is late, falsified, illegible, broken or incomplete or otherwise irregular;(c) your entry is submitted using robotic, automated, set, or other illicit means;
or( d)your entry is not in compliance with these Authorities Rules.In addition, the Sponsors reserve the right to decline any entry for any other factor as they
may figure out.7. WHAT ARE THE CONDITIONS OF ENTRY?By entering the Contest:(a)you concur to be bound by these Official Rules and by the choices of the Sponsors, which choices are last, binding and definitive;(b) you represent and warrant that(i) your entry, consisting of any material comprising your entry(

e.g. name, user name, profile picture, and so on, as

applicable) and any material submitted with your entry(e.g. photo, video, written submission, or other type of submission, as relevant)( all such product, collectively, the”
Entry Material”)is initial to you, (ii)you have all required rights in and to your Entry Material to go into the Contest, consisting of the permission of any 3rd parties whose personal info is consisted of in your Entry Material, and (iii) your Entry Product does not include, depict, consist of or involve content that is, or might fairly be thought about to be, inappropriate, unsuitable or offending, as identified by the Sponsors;(c )you comprehend and concur that your entry, including your Entry Material, will not be returned to you and might be moderated or modified by Rogers as it deems appropriate;(d) you grant to the Sponsors the irreversible right to utilize your Entry Product in any media worldwide and for any purpose related to the Contest (or any similar contest ), including the right to utilize, replicate, customize, adjust, translate, or create derivative works from, your Entry Material without notification, payment or additional consideration to you;(e )you waive all claims of ethical rights in any usage of your Entry Product by Rogers pursuant to the rights granted in these Authorities Rules;(f)you concur that the Sponsors will have the right at any time to require proof of identity or eligibility to enter the Contest; failure to supply any such proof upon demand may lead to disqualification;( g)you release and permanently release the Sponsors, their particular parents, affiliates, and subsidiaries, other companies related to the Contest, and all of their particular directors, officers, staff members, agents, representatives, licensees, followers and appoints, as well as any Third Party Providers,( collectively, the”Releasees “), and consent to indemnify and hold harmless each of the Releasees, from and against any and all claims, damages or liability, consisting of any costs or losses associated with injury, death, damage to or loss or damage of home, occurring from, or in any method related to, (i)your involvement in the Contest, (ii )the awarding, invoice, ownership, usage or abuse of any reward, in entire or in part, or any travel or activity associated to any reward,(iii)using any Entry Material or Promotion Product(defined listed below )in accordance with the rights granted in these Official Rules, or (iv)any breach of these Authorities Rules.8. WHAT ARE THE CONTEST PRIZES?There are 150 rewards available to be won in the Contest, as follows: One(1)prize will be awarded per Daily Entry Duration. Each reward includes one Maclean’s top quality black Silicon Watch. Each watch is valued at CDN $15.9. ARE THERE ANY REWARD CONDITIONS?In addition to any prize conditions offered elsewhere in these Official Rules, any prize awarded in the Contest is subject to the following conditions:(a) Reward value

in these Official Rules is approximate

only. You will not be compensated if real prize worth is lower than the worth estimated in these Authorities Rules.(b)The reward might be substituted, in entire or in part, with a prize or prize element of equivalent or higher value if the reward or reward

part can not be awarded for any reason

.( c)The reward should be accepted as granted and might not be moved, unless otherwise identified by the Sponsors. The prize may not be precisely as marketed. The prize is supplied”as is “without representation or guarantee of any kind by the Sponsors.(d )The reward may not be resold.(e )Any unused portion of the reward, once awarded, will be deemed forfeited. The reward will not be replaced if lost, ruined, mutilated or taken.(f )10. HOW WILL THE POTENTIAL WINNER (S)BE SELECTED?Each Wednesday starting on February 8, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario, Rogers will carry out random draws from the week’s qualified entries. For each prize to be granted pursuant to these Authorities Rules, one entrant will be arbitrarily selected as a prospective winner on Facebook Live and alerted utilizing the details supplied at the time of entry. In the occasion any possible winner does
not react to such alert within 3 (3)business days, decreases a prize for any factor, or does not meet the requirements stated in these Official Rules,

as determined by the Sponsors, the potential winner will be disqualified and, time allowing, an alternate prospective winner may be randomly selected from among staying qualified entries, or the prize may be cancelled.11. HOW CAN A POTENTIAL WINNER END UP BEING A WINNER?To be declared a winner, a potential winner:( a )need to properly respond to, without help, a time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question to be administered by the Sponsors;(b)need to remain in compliance with these Official Rules;(c)need to sign and return, within any designated period, a release of liability and approval to publicity kind and other documentation as fairly required;(d)may be needed to provide evidence of recognition to confirm eligibility or to claim a prize, or offer proof that he or she is the authorized account holder of any account connected with the picked entry.12.

WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF WINNING A PRIZE?The odds of winning depend upon the number of qualified Daily entries received.13. HOW DO I DECLARE A PRIZE?Once a possible winner is verified as a winner, prize distribution will be promptly coordinated.Except as otherwise suggested
by the Sponsors, a winner must personally take shipment of the reward as advised within thirty(30)days of being alerted that such prize is offered or within such other time period as may reasonably be advised.If a winner cannot take shipment of the prize as advised, the prize will be deemed surrendered.14. WILL I APPEAR IN ANY PROMOTION IF I AM A WINNER?If you are a winner, the Sponsors may require you to appear in publicity related to the Contest or to any comparable contest.By accepting a prize:(a )you approve to the Sponsors the irreversible right to record, photo or

otherwise capture or file you, your likeness, your voice, or any declarations you make concerning the Contest or the reward,

by any available ways;(b) you agree that any such recorded material, together with your biographical information,

such as name or place of house, or your Entry Product(collectively, all such products, the” Promotion Product “) may be used by the Sponsors or their licensees, successors, or assigns( collectively, the” Promotion Parties” )in any media

, whether now understood or later on developed, around the world and in all time, for advertising or promotional

purposes connected to the Contest or any similar contest. Any such use of the Publicity Material may consist of the reproduction, modification, adaptation, translation or production of derivative

works from your Entry Product;(c )you acknowledge that the Promotion Celebrations will not be needed to compensate you, notify you, or request your approval in connection with their use of any Promotion Material, unless otherwise restricted by law;
and (d) you waive any rights that you might have or that might otherwise exist in connection with any use of the Publicity Material by any of the Promotion Parties, consisting of any ethical rights in any such Promotion Material.15. HOW WILL MY PERSONAL DETAILS BE GATHERED, UTILIZED AND DISCLOSED?By entering the Contest, you consent to Rogers ‘collection, use and disclosure of your personal info in accordance with the Privacy Policy, offered at “Rogers Personal Privacy Policy”), for functions of administering the Contest as described in these Authorities Rules.Over the course of participating in the Contest, you may be given the choice to get business emails or other interactions of a commercial nature( collectively, “Commercial Communications” )from the Sponsors or other parties. Must you elect to receive Commercial Communications from Rogers, your personal info will be used by Rogers to that end, in accordance with the Rogers Privacy Policy.Your personal info may be divulged to a 3rd party in the following scenarios:(a)in accordance with these Authorities Rules

, or with your authorization, or as otherwise permitted or required by law.(b)if you choose

to receive Commercial Communications from a party aside from Rogers, Rogers will disclose your personal details to that other party for that purpose;(c)if you are a potential reward winner, Rogers might divulge your personal details to any prize provider for functions of prize satisfaction; and(d)if you have been asked to sign and return a release of liability and grant publicity type or other paperwork in accordance with the terms of these Official Rules, Rogers may divulge your personal info to any interested party, such as an entity who is launched from liability.Rogers’disclosure of your personal information to another celebration will cause your individual details to be subject to that party’s privacy policy and practices.16. HOW DO THE RELEASEES LIMIT THEIR LIABILITY?The Releasees assume no liability for the following:(a) stolen, late, incomplete, illegible, unreliable, misdirected, lost, misrouted, rushed, damaged, postponed, undelivered, mutilated, jumbled, or garbled entries, transmissions, email, mail, or other interactions;(b) any error, omission, disruption, problem or delay in transmission, processing, or interaction;(c)failures or malfunctions of, or problems with, hardware or software application, telephones, telephone lines, telephone systems, or network, cable television, satellite, server, or site connections; (d) printing, typographical, or other errors appearing within these Authorities Rules, in any Contest-related ads, or in Contest-related products;( e)inaccurate or incorrect information, consisting of where triggered by website users, tampering, hacking, or by any equipment or shows associated

or used in connection with the Contest; (f)injury or damage to any computer or other device arising from or otherwise related to involvement in the Contest, making use of any website, or the downloading or accessing of any materials;(g)anybody being improperly or wrongly determined as a winner or prospective winner; or(h)other errors, problems or difficulties of any kind, whether human, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, relating in any way to the Contest, consisting of those mistakes, issues or problems that may associate with the administration of the Contest, the processing of entries, the marketing of the Contest, the statement of any reward or reward winner, or the cancellation or post ponement of any occasion.17. WHAT LAWS USE TO THE CONTEST?The laws of the province or area in which you reside use to the Contest.Any effort to weaken the genuine operation of the Contest might be an infraction of criminal or civil laws. Must any such effort be made, the Sponsors book the right to seek remedies and damages to the fullest degree permitted by law.18. CAN THE SPONSORS CANCEL OR CHANGE THE CONTEST?The Sponsors may cancel, modify, or suspend the Contest or amend these Authorities Rules for any factor whatsoever, subject to prior approval by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, if legally required. If for any factor the Contest is not capable of running as initially prepared, the Sponsors may change any of the dates, timeframes or other Contest mechanics, or suspend or cancel the Contest.You might not change these Authorities Rules in any way.19. WOULD THE SPONSORS EVER DISQUALIFY OR BAN SOMEBODY FROM A CONTEST?The Sponsors may disqualify without notice or ban somebody from the Contest or any future contest for other reason, including if the Sponsors discover that an individual has: (a )resold or tried to resell a reward, in entire or in part;(b)tampered with or tried to damage, or undermined or tried to weaken, the legitimate operation of the Contest;( c)provided false or deceptive

info;( d)acted in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with the intent to irritate, abuse, threaten or harass anybody; or(e )otherwise violated these Official Rules.20. WHAT OCCURS IF THESE OFFICIAL RULES OPPOSE OTHER CONTEST MATERIALS?In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between these Official Rules and disclosures or declarations made by the Sponsors or appearing in other Contest-related materials, these Authorities Rules shall govern.21. WHAT HAPPENS IF PART OF THESE OFFICIAL GUIDELINES ENDS UP BEING UNENFORCEABLE OR DOES NOT APPLY?If any part of these Official Rules is lawfully unenforceable or inapplicable, then that part will be considered invalid; however, the rest of these Authorities Rules will otherwise continue to be legally binding.