10 Should Have Google Sheets Add-ons For Sourcers and Recruiters

SourceCon is happy to provide the 10 need to have Google Sheet Add-ons for sourcers and recruiters.

YAMM This powerful add-on permits you to create a personalized, mass e-mail campaigns without accessing candidates’ spam folder. Track open/reply rate, do follow-ups based upon particular groups of leads(who opened/not seen and so on).

It is likewise cool that it produces different labels for each campaign so you can quickly access that information. Here’s a brief tutorial on how it works.Set of tools for day-to-day jobs: alter case; sum by color; eliminate duplicates; split, merge, compare, find, tidy up information and more.Woking with the enormous quantity of data? This add-on is yourmethod to go. Easily eliminate repeatable emails from the recently aggregated list of prospects/attendees/candidates and so on. And much more information processing features included.Quickly split full names to several columns with very first, middle, surnames, titles, and/or post-nominal letters.

Absolutely nothing more to include here.Tired from scrolling up and down through the spreadsheet. Me too!This add-on provides the ability to eliminate extra rows and columns from a sheet rapidly. Fantastic.This add-on is handy if has some information and trying to find cross-reference it with LinkedIn profiles inbulk. Apparently that does not supply you with a direct profile URL, however still, provide you with somebody’s profile noted in search results.It does works all the time if the complete name and the business name(past or current )are both being relevant.Do anything in a spreadsheet. Link Google Sheets to 100s of web apps and services to automate more of your work. There are a great deal of how-to/step-by-step guides are readily available, but if that’s

smth you’ve never ever become aware of, then the video listed below is absolutely worth a check.Convert any GoogleSheets spreadsheet into a Google File for enhanced legibility of prolonged cell text entries.Quickly list all the files of a Google Drive folder in a spreadsheet, and immediately display it in a Remarkable Table view. Love it!So essentially FindThatLead is a rather more sales oriented tool. Nevertheless, I do use much of their performance for sourcing as well.Their extension enables you to generate/guess an email

(both personal and corporate one)of your contacts/aggregated leads/attendee list etc. right from a Google Spreadsheet.Create an account, set up

the add-on, connect the API secret. and you all ready to go.Convert cells into links based on the cells’data. Fast and hassle-free method to connect to more info.