What’s Your Destination for Dessert Indulgence?

Myriad specialty desserts spots in Flushing will use you a glimpse of the area’s abundant variety and dynamism. Whether you’re looking for a late-night sugar rush or a sophisticated afternoon tea, our bustling community will shock and thrill! Yes, Flushing is an excellent place for a piping hot bowl of noodle soup for lunch or an extensive Cantonese banquet for supper, but later on take a walk along Prince Street, down 37th Avenue, or along Main Street and make your desserts a peak, rather than an end point to your meal.Check out”Flushing, Your Location for Dessert Indulgence” by Jillian Abbott on the Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce’s new community portal and visitor guide,< a href=http://flushingfantastic.nyc target=_ blank > Flushing Fantastic, to discover a couple of locations worthwhile of your taste buds.FLUSHING FANTASTIC