Rosé with Easter lamb and chocolate? Do not mind if I do …

T he issue with making recommendations a few weeks ahead of publication is that you haven't an idea what the weather condition will resemble, as the current arctic spell demonstrated. Who would have thought at the beginning of March that we 'd have felt like breaking open a 15% amarone? So it is with some trepidation that I mention rosé as an alternative for ₤ 13.70 Bottle Apostle, ₤ 14 The Excellent Wine Shop, or ₤ 12.75 if you buy a case; 13.5%), which would be charming if you're roasting a chicken.Prosecco? Inevitably there will be loads of offers, however if you're planning an Easter tea, remember to look for extra-dry, which is perversely sweeter than brut. Aldi has a ₤ 12.99 magnum of Ca 'di Pietra (11%), which is constantly fun to pass around. And if you're prosecco-ed out, Ammazza Bianco Spumante, in its appealingly chunky bottle , is a more interesting-looking option, if not rather the "Wow!" that the word ammazza implies(I discovered that at). Lastly, I would be stopping working in my duty if I did n't use you a wine to demolish

with your children's remaining Easter eggs (although, fact be told, it goes much better with dark than with milk chocolate): Mavrodaphne of Patras is one of the wine world's terrific sweet wine deals, and it tastes like chocolate raisins; it's really good with chocolate cake and blue cheeses such as stilton, too.Four of the best wines for Easter La Petite Laurette Rosé 2017 Pale, crisp Provençal-style rosé for olives, dips and other nibbles

Château Recougne Bordeaux Supérieur 2015 ₤ 9.99(₤ 7.99 on the mix-six offer)Majestic, 14%

₤ 11.99 (₤ 8.49 on the mix-six offer) Majestic, 11%

Party fizz: perfect for an Easter breakfast

Kourtaki Mavrodaphne of Patras Cameo

Rich, brambly and sweet: Greece's answer to port