Food Trends to Watch in the Year Ahead– as Recognized by Artificial Intelligence

How do you recognize which food trends will take off in the year ahead? For lots of sellers, huge customer companies, and investors, exhibition like Expo West and Fancy Food act as the best way to discover new items and get a sense for what could be West was last month, we thought now would be a proper time to focus our Future Distribution Model on emerging brand names to recognize fascinating customer trends for the year ahead. This is not at all implied to be a thorough list, simply some styles that our model indicates may be worth keeping an eye on. Helio never ever stepped foot in Exposition West, so these projections are based purely on information not\”feeling\” or\”gut.\”Organic Nutritional Bars Nutritional and protein bars are absolutely nothing new, however our design predicts that organic nutritional bars -those made with 100% natural ingredients that are non-GMO and gluten totally free

-will have a big year ahead.Brands in this pattern: Wella Bar, Square Organics, Thunderbird, R.e.d.d Real Sugar Soft Drinks Customers are ending up being more and more health-focused, however obviously many also still have a craving for sweets. Sodas that have natural walking cane sugar and come in retro glass bottles are also predicted to see strong development in the coming year.Numerous of these around forbut might quickly be

seeing restored interest.

Brands in this pattern: Orca Beverage, Cock \’N Bull, Big Red, Avery\’s Craft Hard Ciders The cider category as a whole has been on the decline over the previous numerous years, however our design forecasts that craft ciders will buck the pattern- similar to the increase of craft breweries. Like craft beers, these ciders are made in little batches frequently with distinct

flavor profiles. Brands Schilling Hard Cider, Spire Mountain,

Slope Organic Jerky Tradition jerky makers have likewise had a hard time recently with consumers moving away from what they view as an unhealthy snack. That being said, our design anticipates visible growth for natural jerky brands that emphasize the quality of their components. Grass or prairie fed cows and buffalo are a big part of this theme. Brands in this pattern: Impressive,

Louisville Vegan Jerky,

but are natural,

low-sugar, and low-calorie, while still packing a lot of flavor.Brands in this trend: Living Intents, Seapoint Farms, Frontier Bites, Wholesome Goodness Category: Helio Tag: ,