Do You Need a Reward Freezer? Take This Quiz.

If your eyes light up when you head through the frozen aisle at Costco, or your feet are at danger each time you open your freezer (a pint of Ben & & Jerry\’s can actually do a number on your toes!), you have actually most likely thought about getting another freezer. We know: It appears like such an extravagance! Would you even utilize it, have a place for it, or have the ability to justify the cost? Take this test and learn.

1. How lots of people do you eat a nighttime basis?

A. One to two
B. 3 to four
C. 5 or more

2. Where do you do the bulk of your grocery shopping?

A. Whole Foods
B. The supermarket in town
C. BJs Wholesale Club or Costco

3. Where would you spend your perfect weekend?

A. Relaxing by a lake with a book.
B. In the kitchen, making dishes I have actually never attempted prior to.
C. In my garden with my veggies and fruits.

4. How organized is your fridge?

A. Exceptionally– whatever has its place, is labeled, and the refrigerator is generally stocked.
B. It depends upon the week and just how much food we have in there.
C. It\’s always packed to the gills.

5. What\’s in your freezer right now?

A. A couple of pints of ice cream.
B. Tons of meals that I made ahead of time.
C. All the important things!

6. Just how much area do you have at your house?

A. I \’d welcome you over to show you, however there\’s not room for the both of us.
B. A fair quantity; we have a basement.
C. Plenty! A complete basement and garage, and a shed out back.

7. Do you want to captivate?

A. Eh. I prefer to be entertained. Does that count?
B. Often– if it\’s a huge holiday or unique celebration.
C. It\’s my preferred thing. I have supper parties every weekend!

8. When do you prefer to do your cooking?

A. Every day. That method it\’s fresh, and I can cook inning accordance with my family\’s cravings.
B. One or two times a week. I prefer to prep and cook on Sundays and after that consume for the rest of the week.
C. As much as possible!

9. Do you consume leftovers?

A. I \’d actually rather not, but I will to make sure I\’m not wasting anything.
B. Obviously!
C. Yup– the more, the better!

10. If you entered into $500, how would you invest it?

A. I \’d treat myself to a little shopping spree.
B. I would take my family out for a truly good supper (or more!) and get whatever from appetizers to dessert!
C. I would lastly get around to a few of those home tasks I\’ve been delaying!

So, must you get a chest freezer?Mostly As For your existing circumstance, a chest freezer isn\’t really needed. You can consider it down the road when you have more space, but since today, you can handle just fine with the freezer in your fridge. Primarily Bs\”Required\”is probably too strong of a word for a chest freezer, but it definitely would not go to lose in your home. You \’d have more space to save the dishes you\’ve been checking, and would have the ability to take much better advantage of any and all really great sales at the supermarket. Mainly Cs You might absolutely benefit from having the extra room! From understanding that you\’ll constantly have a place for your Costco haul to offering you an area to save your veggies

after the harvest, it

seems like you have adequate room in your house for the appliance. You\’ll get so much use out of it, it\’ll pay for itself for many years! Which letter did you get? Let us know in the remarks!