Video of IDF soldiers singing Persian love song goes viral in Iran

A video of about 50 uniformed IDF soldiers singing an Iranian love song in Persian went viral on Iranian social media Thursday.

The trainee soldiers were singing the Persian folk song, “Sultan of Hearts,” in a ceremony at an army base, Chanel 10 news reported. The cadets from the intelligence unit are on a course to learn the language.

One of the parents attending recorded the event and uploaded it to social media, without permission from the IDF. He has since removed it from his page.

The song is well-known in Iran and contains the lines, “With beautiful love, the world is very small
I’m with the memory of you everywhere, everywhere, so I don’t abandon you.”

A spokesperson for the IDF said, “The video was filmed at private ceremony. One of the soldiers’ parents who attended the ceremony innocently posted the video, contravening information security regulations. When asked, he immediately removed the video.”

Twitter users in Iran were conflicted over the video, with some seeing it as further evidence of how good Israeli intelligence may be, while others saw hopes for peace in the choice of the love song.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech on files obtained by Israel he says proves Iran lied about its nuclear program, at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, on April 30, 2018. (Amos Ben Gerschon)

The video was shared only a few days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed a massive Israeli undercover operation carried out in Tehran, in which the Mossad managed to remove hundreds of kilograms of paper and digital files on Iran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program out of the Islamic Republic.

Netanyahu revealed the operation Monday as he displayed the trove of documents in a presentation aimed at proving that Iran has lied about its covert atomic weapons program.

The operation required an expansive operational infrastructure within Iranian territory, Hadashot reported.