New abortion poll reflects growing unease at extreme nature of Government’s abortion proposal claims LoveBoth – – Our News, Your Views

The Love Both campaign has welcomed today’s Sunday Independent/Kantar Millward Brown opinion poll on abortion showing a further drop in support for the Government’s abortion proposal and increased support for a ‘No Vote’.

In the poll, 45 percent of respondents say they intend voting Yes, 34% say they will vote No,18% of respondents are undecided as to how they’ll vote and 4% of respondents refused to answer.

Commenting on the findings, Love Both spokesperson, Dr Ruth Cullen said: “Today’s poll shows another significant slide in support for the Government’s proposal and an encouraging increase in support for retaining the Eighth Amendment.

Dr Cullen said: “The results are welcome but don’t come as a surprise. They are in keeping with what we’re hearing every day on the ground, namely that more and more voters are starting to realise that the Government’s proposal is far more extreme than they ever anticipated it would be. People are actually shocked when they realise that repeal would leave zero legal protection for unborn babies in the Constitution.

“Clearly, voters don’t want abortion on demand but repeal would make it inevitable. The Government has tried to hide the reality of what their proposal contains and gone to great lengths to present it as something entirely different. But the truth is getting out and today’s poll results certainly bears that out.

Dr Ruth Cullen said: “This campaign is far from over. There way well be fluctuations in the polls between now and polling day. We remain very confident that the public will ‘Vote No’ on 25th May.”

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