Woman is fashion queen

Affidavits might come, attorneys might go– but outfits go on forever.Fie on klunky

Korean Kim … Poo on poopy Putin … stick smelly Stormy … push legal representative Cohen’s knowin’. And Melania versus Meghan? Please. For sure President Trump’s fashionista very first woman dresses better than Prince Harry’s foreign first princess.Mrs.

DJTrump just spent 4 days in New York. Trump Tower. Without hubby. Without child. Without family. But with closet designers and collection couture.Just watch.

Getting prepared for the season, she’ll outsparkle Markle.Please aim to focus WPIX’s morning show through September doing live series”Zip Trips.”Each Friday a different section– like Washington Heights’ or wherever’s specialness … Dr. David Helfet, trauma surgeon who’s operated on our cops and firefighters, now New York City’s Society of Honorary Cops Surgeons inaugural award recipient … Hillary’s touring Australia. Getting To Polo Bar, Expense had actually simply talked to her … “Dear Evan Hansen’s “at the Music Box, which Irving Berlin built. Marking his “God Bless America” centennial, the cast will sing it at curtain … Tina Fey on her” Mean Ladies”script:”It’s to imply we need to stop being mean to one another.” Weapon control Details courtesy of the NYPD: 1 )Understood is that anything can happen anywhere– but in the United States of America, New York is the A-No. -1 safest city. 2) In spite of gun-averse New York City, there exists today 330 million guns in the hands of this country’s owners– a larger number than, per our last census, we have people.Roast boast A casting call’s out for Bruce Willis ‘Funny Central roast. It’ll shoot in LA. One pre-taped bit that pees on “Die Hard”is hunting an Alexander

Godunov type

. Requirements:” Terrorist, Male, 30-49, Caucasian, shoulder-length blonde, need to have Eastern European accent. “From Bruce, who missed completing school:”Ain’t the very first time I’ll be tied to a chair and imprisoned by a group of humorless a– holes for a couple hours.”Royal wait I told you Princess Caroline of Monaco’s child was weding Dimitri Rassam. I now untell you that. Rumors rumor Charlotte Casiraghi’s pregnant and delayed the I Do’s. She has another kid from a French comedian.

His child’s from a previous relationship. His French starlet mother Carole Arrangement’s other child is likewise via a previous relationship. They’re really busy back there. However, not busy prepping a wedding.House arrest?A take on Sheldon Silver existed to me. I do not advocate. I report: He’s aged. Infirmed. Decimated economically, lawfully, professionally, emotionally, civically, nationally, humanly, terminally– also, after individual discoveries– matrimonially. No future. No pals

. Damaged. No danger to mankind, exactly what’s gained by jailing him? Our prisons are overpopulated. We still must pay to support his confinement.Albany’s maxed out on the bum meter. But Silver’s already toast. Why not home internment. Everlasting house arrest. No parole possible. Ankle bracelet forever. Ad infinitum. And it costs taxpayers nothing.AG required Schneiderman was going to be our next Gov. He and major Dem wallets thought once Cuomo packed up his scrapbooks, Eric ought to be on a hot roll for that job. Now rumble from our state capitol: The governor will push his own workplace’s legal representative person Alphonso David– Cardozo-trained, legal professor, Cuomo advisor– to be attorney general.Joe Piscopo to builder Anthony Rinaldi:”Send out two bad men in one good Buick to Kim Jong Ugh, and in 20 minutes our North Korea problem’s fixed. “Only in New york city, kids, only in New york city.