Girlfriend Of Government Official Ara Mina Presumably Had An Affair With (Picture).

Is this the political leader\’s girlfriend of whom Ara Mina supposedly had an affair with?ARA MINA– The image of the sweetheart of the government official of whom the starlet Ara Mina presumably had an affair with has crossed the online platform.On a previous report, it was the veteran reporter Lolit Solis who exposed in a post that the Kapamilya starlet Ara Mina is supposedly having an affair with a friend\’s husband.Based on the post of the female veteran journalist, the actress was welcomed to do a production number in an occasion and she then searched from the audience to pick someone to sing with her.



@therealaramina IG Photo lifted from PEP She welcomed that specific pal of her to sing with her however does not know the lyrics of the tune the factor why Ara Mina let her pal borrow her phone.While performing

, a message has popped out and the starlet\’good friend saw that the message was from her hubby. Without the intention of making an outrageous scene, the buddy decreased from the phase and took the phone with her inside the comfort room and read the thread of discussion between her husband and the actress.\”Walang ganyang pangyayari, \”Ara Mina

reportedly stated in her reply when asked about the rounding issues.The Kapamilya starlet also expressed not to drag other individuals in the problem and chose to choose not to answer other questions.In a report from PEP, a source has actually offered

them a picture where Ara Mina was with the girl and it has actually been discovered that the government official and her buddy are not married yet. They were simply engaged.Check out the image listed below: Photo lifted from PEP The left image was taken throughout an occasion in Laguna arranged by the actress\’good friend, the fiancee of the federal government authorities while the photo on the right was captured during the birthday celebration of the actress.What can you say about this?Read also the previous short article: Carla Abellana

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