Dublin dog grooming salon BANS bloggers after social influencer ‘threatens’ to give bad review

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A Dublin organisation has banned bloggers after declaring a social influencer threatened staff and clients in the store.Glamour. Pet dogs on

Dublin's Malahide Roadway last night took to social media after a male blog writer apparently entered the shop requiring complimentary products in return for a review.

< figure data-mod=image itemprop=image itemscope=itemscope itemtype= > A furious Facebook and< a data-action= instagram data-content-type =section-topic data-track=false data-type=inline data-word-count= 1 href = > Instagram post claimed the blog writer," was very impolite to both our staff and our consumers, making up a drama scene at the entire store".

"He essentially threatens us to write an unfavorable evaluation about our service in his blog if we don't hand him something for FREE".

The owner apologised to consumers who experienced the incident, claiming, "the blog writer in individual was rather aggressive and screaming across the shop to the personnel".

A ban has actually now been positioned on bloggers looking for products in exchange for review.According to the post:"

If there is any other blog writers searching for a FREE stuff from our company, I'm sorry, but you are rejected the entrance to our store."We work very hard in our shop to keep the service going, and this is just entirely out of line for somebody to do something like this to any business.Angry fans have actually reacted to the post, getting in touch with Glamour Dogs to call and

embarassment the blog writer as well as report him to the Gardai.One client wrote:" Give his website a bad review & name & pity, social media works both ways!" The

business insisted it would not go'down & to his & level', by naming the blog writer and has actually considering that gotten rid of the posts.The alleged occurrence follows a heated spat between a Dublin restaurant owner and a UK blogger went viral previously this year. UK blog writer Ellie Darby claims she received death threats after The Charleville Lodge Hotel and White Moose Cafe owner Paul Stenson published an

email of her 'giveaway'demand on the hotel/cafe's Facebook page.Have you had an awful client experience? Get in touch on< a href= rel=nofollow > Facebook and let us understand!


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