Is BLACK TEA the secret to weight loss and good gut health?

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As the temperatures cool down and winter sets in, the temptation to pop the kettle on and settle down for a cup of tea is huge.But while

you mightn't believe that a basic cup of black tea has much in the way of health advantages, you could be surprised to hear that having the popular beverage without milk is among the most convenient ways to reduce weight and boost your metabolism.Research from UCLAdiscovered that black tea may promote weight reduction and other health benefits by altering bacteria in the gut.

Here, FEMAIL looks at the benefits of the hot drink, along with its natural counterparts.Research has proven that

black tea has a number of advantages, insofar as it can increase gut health and help weight reduction(stock image)Black tea and green tea have prebiotic

advantages- and can cause the growth of excellent micro-oganisms that contribute to a person's wellness(stock image) Prebiotic gains By now, all of us know the value of

good gut health, to such an

degree that much of us invest a lot of time focusing our daily diet plans around pre and probiotics.But in truth, black tea and green tea have prebiotic benefits -and can cause the development of good micro-oganisms that contribute to an individual's wellness. Drink on a cup without milk to guarantee you are helping your gut microbiome to flourish.Metabolism increase It's long been said that green tea is the finest metabolism-boosting tea. But other research studies have likewise discovered that black tea can have a positive effect on the metabolism. Researchers discovered that black tea assists to prevent weight gain and obesity by altering your gut microbiome

, making it 'anti-obesogenic'. Someone that swears by black tea without sugar for weight loss is Brisbane dietitian, Leanne Ward, who consumes a cup with her lunch each and every single day.Researchers found that black tea assists to avoid weight gain and obesity by altering your gut microbiome

, making it' anti-obesogenic '(stock image)Antioxidant overload Finally, black tea is excellent for the antioxidants that come with the leaves.While those from green tea get absorbed into the blood stream and liver, the polyphenols from black tea are much bigger and stay in your intestinal tract-helping to boost gut health' and the formation of short-chain fats, a kind of bacterial metabolites that has actually been revealed to alter the basal metabolism in the liver'.

Dietitian,< a target=_ blank href = rel =nofollow > Susie Burrell, recently took a look at the health advantages of tea, from ginger to rooibos, peppermint and dandelion.She highlighted which organic alternatives benefit bloating, stress, anxiety and sickness.Dietitian Susie Burrell (envisioned )proclaims the advantages of all sorts of teas, from black tea to natural choices The health benefits of various teas GINGER TEA: Best for helping to handle nausea and assisting digestive convenience. It can help those battling early morning sickness, motion sickness or those with throat or nasal blockage. PEPPERMINT TEA: The rejuvenating nature of peppermint tea makes it among the most

popular options, and it's frequently used to eliminate bloating and manage food cravings.ROOIBOIS TEA: High in anti-oxidants, especially vitamin C, rooibos

can provide you a day-to-day immune

increase together with a subtle sweet hit without the calories.DANDELION TEA: Dandelion tea has powerful diuretic residential or commercial properties, making it a great option when you feel puffed up or your liver needs a clean.

CHAMOMILE TEA: Chamomile tea is popular with those desiring something relaxing prior to sleep or when handling stress and stress and anxiety. CINNAMON TEA: Cinnamon is both aromatic and flavoursome which makes it an excellent alternative to sweet foods after supper. It has actually also been shown to help to control blood glucose levels. Source: Susie Burrell


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