Regardless of pushback SL County Council approves high density development

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(KUTV) - Regardless of some pushback by citizens and local mayors a questionable development has actually been approved by the Salt Lake County Council.The council voted

even to one Tuesday night in favor of the"Olympia Hills "advancement.

"My initial reaction was holy cow." Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs stated he was surprised when he saw the prepare for the Olympia Hills advancement in unincorporated Salt Lake County. "The quantity of density they have considered here is putting a city the size population sensible approaching Riverton wise into an area that's roughly 10% of our size," he said.The advancement just outside of Herriman, would generate a total of 8,765 domestic units on 931-acres on the southwest part of the valley.

"It's a lot of individuals. We only have about 7-people per acre, this proposed advancement itself would balance out to about 37-people per acres," stated Mayor Staggs.Bart Barker with the Salt Lake Municipal Provider District said the development is taking place and individuals must move somewhere."We understand over the next few decades

we are going to include about 400,000 homeowners to the west bench.If it's stretching unexpected property with

no commercial base, to support the expense of supplying services we have a disaster."Barker said the neighborhood would resemble Daybreak, however it would ultimately become its own city."This supplies an organized and planned mainly proper advancement in that west bench area,"Barker said.The community would have about 10,000 more people than Daybreak, on about half the land. 1497 removed single-family systems in communities. 2,485 town(townhouse and similar) systems and 4,783 apartment-style units.Something nearby citizens do not actually prefer, "I do not really like the idea of a lot high density real estate."Matt Ownby just bought his house in the area about a year earlier. He said he does not mind all the building and construction of single family houses, however hearing of apartment building"

I am not truly excited about heaps of individuals stuffed people in here. "He's enjoyed his white tail next-door neighbors,"The deer come by and graze out here every day. I make sure that's not going to last quite longer."


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