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Stay stylish with these five extraordinary fashion documentaries

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With Dries This is an individual option, as the topic of the documentary-- Dries Van Noten-- is our preferred designer. This documentary reveals us the motivation for his designs, his regard for the workmanship of his suppliers, and his decision to stay as an independent designer( something that is rather uncommon nowadays). It also features the best dog ever-- the Airedale terrier called Harry. Iris As one of documentarian< a href="


=external target=_ blank rel="external noopenernoreferrer">Albert Maysles's final films, Iris is a warm and amusing portrait of Iris Apfel-- a 90-something year old with a fantastic sense of style. The movie commemorates her individualistic nature and completely shows that while design is a lifestyle, it is a really different thing from style.

The Real Expense A plain pointer that fashion-- regardless of all the trappings of glamour-- is still a business. There might be different schools of ideas on some of the problems brought up in this movie, however overall it raises the essential concern: Is it alright that somebody is jeopardized, all just for a low-cost t-shirt?

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