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Ways to enjoy the Battlefield 5 reveal

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Hot on the heels of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 occasion recently, DICE and EA are preparing towards a live reveal program for Battlefield 5, the next instalment in the well-known shooter series.The occasion, streamed live to the internet throughout the world, will showcase new footage of Battleground 5 in action, expose the validated new setting following< a href= target=_ blank > Battlefield 1's WW1 background, and feature developers from DICE discussing what they have in shop for players when the video game launches later on this year. Daily Show host Trevor Noah will exist, as announced by a tease-worthy video posted on his Instagram account, and DICE is promising that"Battlefield will never be the very same", so it's safe to state that this is an event you're going to wish to see. When can I see the Battlfield 5 livestream?The Battleground 5 live reveal occasion takes location on Wednesday, May 23,

at 1PM PT/ 4 PM EDT/ 9PM BST(which is quite soon!), and must run on for around an hour or so.Where can I view the Battlefield 5 livestream?In plenty of places, dear reader. The

YouTube feed for the stream is already operating, and you can even set a suggestion beforehand to schedule it into your viewing calendar online. Additionally, you can catch the event directly from the Battleground 5 website, and the livestream will likewise include

on the franchise's< a href= target=_ blank > Twitch and Mixer accounts, which may make things easier for those utilizing less traditional home entertainment devices.How can I enjoy the Battlefield 5 livestream?If you're not near the web at the time of the expose, fear not, we'll have complete protection of everything you have to called soon as the details come

out, and the trailers will be dropped into

this short article once they goes live online. DICE will likewise submit the stream to its Battlefield YouTube channel after airing at the occasion, and you can bet your pennies that the footage will be all over social media too. Exactly what will be in the Battleground 5 livestream? DICE has actually posted an article on 10 things you will not desire to miss from the Battlefield 5 event, and it offers a brief glimpse into exactly what we can get out of the program. The team will be flaunting the video game's

new setting, story, single player and multiplayer parts, and gameplay changes, all with commentary from Senior Manufacturers Andreas Morell and Lars Gustavsson, and Style Director Daniel Berlin. Simply puts, you don't wish to miss out on it!While you wait in anticipation for

Battleground 5, take a look at our present rankings of the finest FPS games that you can play today.

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