Hawaii Volcano Update: Scientists Baffled Over Mysterious Cracks In Kilauea Crater

4 weeks into its eruption, Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues to spew molten lava across The Big Island's East side - cutting off access to more areas and ruining 87 houses, ten of which took place in the last 2 days.

-- Hawaii News Now (@HawaiiNewsNow) 's tracking station, nevertheless the Department of Health is keeping an eye onfor risky levels of hydrogen sulfide with none spotted so far.-- Mileka Lincoln (@MilekaLincoln) June 2, 2018 That said, plant employees may have simply lost their gain access to in and out of the center, as a Friday Instagram update from PVG reads"if lava crosses Highway 137 then they might lose their only method in and from the plant."Puna Geothermal Venture officials validate lava from the fountaining crack 8 in Leilani Estates continues to stream across the home-- crossing the primary driveway to the plant center. Mike Kaleikini, the business spokesperson, confirms a substation and a storage facility that saved a drilling rig have actually burned . He also states 2 wells have been covered on Well Pad E and a lava reached another, Well Pad A, however never passed across it.He states all 9 quenched wells and the 2 plugged wells are"holding up without any concerns "-- and verifies there has actually been no detected release of hydrogen sulfide.According to Kaleikini, the tracking station at PGV was covered by lava-- so they are depending on the portable makers their employees are utilizing to look for hydrogen sulfide levels together with the screens the Department of Health have actually set up around the location. Kaleikini states the plant is no longer being staffed 24/7, but personnel is on site every day. Inning accordance with Kaleikini, even though the primary driveway to the plant is obstructed, there is still an alternate route offered. If lava crosses Highway 137( Federal Government Beach Road)then they might lose their only method in and

out of the plant. According to Ormat, which owns Puna Geothermal Venture, the company has insurance coverage of up to$100 million in the case of eruptions and earthquakes-- however it's unclear if that will cover everything. Ormat states significant damage or an extended shut-down could have an unfavorable effect on organisation. Last year, Puna Geothermal generated about$11 million in net income.- Instagram A Hawaii National Guard sergeant keeps an eye on air quality as lava crosses Pohiki Road on Thursday.(Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat)What's it like to keep an eye on the continuous events surrounding the Kilauea eruption? USGS Geologist Matt Patrick discusses in this video worth enjoying fullscreen. Video has actually emerged of Hawaiian hothead John Hubard, 61, pulling a gun at 32-year-old neighbor Ethan Edwards on Tuesday, firing a shot at the sky on prior to aiming his weapon at the guy. Hubbard has been detained. When the shot goes off, individuals can be heard shouting out and Edwards can be seen crouching and covering his head with his arms as Edwards intends the gun at him. "Are you joke

me? Stop! "individuals can be heard yelling in the background.Hubbard informs his neighbor to "Get the f-- k from here "as Edwards, who is winning his hands

up, screams back "I live here!"consistently."Pleased to be alive," Edwards wrote in the video's caption."Take care out there folks. This circumstance is truly starting to take its toll

psychologically and the bad weather condition is adding to psychological tensions. Folks are breaking down."- NY Post Numerous evacuees are now living in emergency situation tents as regional citizens supply food and supplies.Big and little,

#ChefsForHawaii is here to serve those in need! With lava destroying more homes, many are now living in these makeshift tents bringing whatever they could from with them ... A hot meal is least we can do! pic.twitter.com/ELDjx5QKa3-- José Andrés(@chefjoseandres) June 2, 2018