US Drops 121 Bombs A Day, Israel Kills 4 Injures 618, Lockheed’s $1B “Defense” & Facebook Funds MSM

Invite to video sector by Lee Camp breaks down the specific variety of bombs being dropped by the US in a provided day all over the world (in his normally macabre amusing style) and the numbers are practically difficult to comprehend.Before we enter those numbers, he began by explaining that the Pentagon currently can not account for$21 trillion, a quantity they literally declare is simply "unaccounted for."This is something we have actually pointed out on various occasions, and this is not even the first time such a claimhas actually been made. The day prior to 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the US could not account for $2.3 trillion; a claim that was nearly totally forgotten due to the following day's events.The reason I bring this up yet once again, is to point something out that I feel is really relevant, and an indicate which few appear to have made the connection. Presently the United States National Financial obligation also just so takes place to be ... $21 trillion. Does anybody else discover that to be a remarkable coincidence? Well, coincidence, I think not.

As much of you understand I do not believe in them. Whether these two identically overwhelming numbers are undoubtedly linked, something can definitely be determined. If the Pentagon, or rather the military commercial complex, was not enabled to run rampant like some shrieking child with toys in both hands demanding the brand-new toy in the window, and our expected "representatives"in fact held them responsible, instead of capitulating to every need, the United States would theoretically have no debt, a minimum of on paper.Now, I believe that even if that held true, with the lawbreakers presently in control, they would have simply found another way to abuse

that money, and the financial obligation would still remain, however I am just making a point. This appears to expose a glaring example-- inadvertently I imagine-- of their unlimited borrowing and spending on military endeavors and black spending plan projects that do absolutely nothing for the American individuals, which our tax dollars, in spite of having to do with half of our home earnings or more, can not even entirely cover; for this reason the loaning. One can not ignore the apparent connection to the Pentagon's" missing" $21 trillion, and that the United States so takes place to also be in financial obligation for$ 21 trillion. That needs to be a bit of an awakening to all those who simply can not understand how this country can be so far in debt: War. While it is endlessly lucrative for the munitions corporations and the politicians being purchased

out and controlled by these business, it is the very factor this nation is not prospering as it should. They draw increasingly more from thetypical American and obtain more and more from over seas, and hang the burden on our shoulders and stroll away, pockets brimming with"project contributions"moving towards their seat that has been kept warm for them on the board of the really corporation they permitted to rob the country blind, as the cycle begins anew with another incorrect agent in their location; and think who funded the increase of the new "representative?" Simply imagine what could have been finished with even a fraction of that loan. As we have explained numerous times, it is extensively acknowledged that it would just take $30 billion to end world appetite ... to end it; but here we are not able to account for$21 trillion. That ought to genuinely add some viewpoint, as well as serve to plainly demonstrate the certainly disingenuous claims of getting into foreign countries "for individuals."To make that point generously clear, back to the initial subject: military action overseas. Camp goes on to list off the amount of bombs stopped by past presidents, beginning with Bush. According federal government stats(which I must mention likely ways these numbers are even higher )George W. Bush's military dropped 70,000 bombs on 5 different countries; that is 24 bombs daily, 8750 annually. As astounding as that number is, it only continues to

get worse, as you question understood due to the title. Also keep in mind that by the United States'own admission, they were not then, and are not now" officially "at war with any country.Obama's military dropped 100,000 bombs in 7 different countries, out battle Bush by 30,000 bombs and 2 countries; and remember, this is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. They need to have some brand-new war criminal offense prerequisites that are not revealed to the general public. Obama dropped 34 bombs per day, for a total of 12,500 annually. Trump however, is currently on track to blow them out of the water(pun meant). The primary factor for this leap to the front of the list is that Trump has provided the military unilateral decision-making capability. They can literally make life and death decisions on an enormous scale without Trump even being involved. That is genuinely frightening, and should discuss why the United States military appears to be speeding out of control like some new Tesla on auto-pilot. For those who question that claim

, an ideal example is that of the MOAB in Afghanistan, where the bomb was dropped and Trump was just made aware after the truth-- the biggest non-nuclear bomb dropped on a country the United States is not"officially"at war with and the Commander-in-Chief does not even have to sign off? Consider that. In Trump's very first year in workplace, he dropped 121 bombs each day, for an impressive 44,096 for the year. That is 5 bombs dropped per hour, of every hour, of every day-- a bomb every 12 minutes. Shockingly enough, inning accordance with the CIA's own files, the people on the"Kill List"who were targeted for"death-by-drone"represented only 2%of the deaths caused by drone strike. Many of those killed by drone were innocent civilians, 98 %. How can this be alright? Point of truth, it is not all right, and the international community has actually stated as much, and the United States is even

now being called out by Amnesty International for its war crimes in Raqqa. Nevertheless, when you invest more on your military than the remainder of the world integrated, apparently the international standards merely do not use; the human rights merely nolonger consider. Even worse yet, according to Whitney Webb of Mint Press News, 80 %of those eliminated in these drone strikes are never ever even identified, the CIA 's own files reveal they do not know who they are killing, just preventing the issue of reporting civilian deaths by deciding to broadly deem all in a given area by default as"opponent contenders."With all this, it is hopefully abundantly clear where this"unaccounted for" cash is going, and it sure isn't to assist people; and in the time it took you to read this last area, another bomb was dropped on a nation the United States is not at war with, likely killing primarily innocent civilians. Please take the info discussed in the video listed below and research on your own, and come to your very own conclusions. As anyone informing you exactly what the truth is, or declaring they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one factor or another. Stay Vigilant.Help Us Be The Change We Desire To See In The World.