Firestorm UAV now world’s only manufacturer and supplier of affordable IoT and smartphone-integrated handheld search and rescue sensor

Firestorm UAV Inc just recently revealed its position as the sole supplier of an ingenious handheld search and rescue sensing unit

United States: Firestorm UAV Inc. recently revealed its position as the sole supplier of an innovative portable search and rescue sensing unit planned for all types of field-rescue operations. The mobile TigerStrike Lite hardware couple with Firestorm's special iRDF ™ technology to place the business as the foremost specialist and maker of mobile ISR search and rescue signal readers.The TigerStrike Lite mobile phone checks out 3 various kinds of call for help: personal locator beacons(PLBs), emergency locator transmitters(ELTs)and the emergency position indicating radio beacons(EPIRBs )utilized in maritime applications. To find a signal's location, the TigerStrike Lite device merely takes a single vector reading from two set places. Usually this is all that is needed to identify a signal to within an accuracy of five degrees.The signal's place can then be sent out via an Android-based mobile phone to the functional base of option. Each vector is transmitted via Bluetooth to the smart device (currently pre-equipped with the TigerStrike Lite app )which is physically mounted on top of the TigerStrike mobile system. Rescuers are supplied with an advanced analysis, path and ETA to the target area. Never before has search and rescue used both the power of smartphones and the connectivity of IOT to such prospective life-saving effect.TigerStrike technology was established for first responders and was effectively evaluated by the United States Navy in a trial SEAL recovery operation under a UAV. This was the first successful presentation of a UAV-based radio instructions finding system. Firestorm UAV's TigerStrike platform can find and triangulate a call for help in seconds, implying qualified operators need no unique training to obtain the most from the technology. Information processing is managed entirely by the onboard, proprietary software application included with each portable TigerStrike Lite unit. If needed, the system can even be directly mounted under a UAV. TigerStrike Lite is likewise the first of its kind to combine an advanced antenna and receiver styles with its distinct software application plan. This signal-smart technology removes ambient noise to more quickly recognize any emergency situation beacon that it is tuned to find.Firestorm UAV's mobile hardware is notified by the cutting edge TigerStrike Lite ISR platform, powered by Intelligent Radio Instructions Finding( iRDF ™). TigerStrike Lite combines advanced GPS applications and signal processing to bring pinpoint accuracy to an ISR market that has long been economically out of reach for the average, hometown search and rescue operation. Till now, field beacon readers might cost 10s of thousands of dollars. Most TigerStrike Lite plans hover around$2,495." As the culmination of the requirements of generations of search and rescue groups all over the world, the TigerStrike Lite will transform how future search and rescue operations are carried out. We're happy to say that no other company has anything similar

with TigerStrike's level of elegance. Instead of simply trying to find individuals or crash websites, we have actually produced a portable and inexpensive gadget that actively searches for the radio signals given off by PLBs, ELTs and EPIRBs. Which is the critical difference between finding individuals in sufficient time to conserve their lives, and finding them days later when it's too late," said Firestorm UAV founder Murray Craig.