Mt. Juliet fire crews care for litter of puppies dropped off at station

MOUNT JULIET, Tenn.-- 5 deserted puppies were dropped off at Mt. Juliet's Station house 1 on Friday.

Mt. Juliet Animal Care and Control says it is already getting calls to adopt the charming litter. The group which is now named after public security terms will be offered for adoption in 2 weeks.No matter

the call, Lt. Jason Ross with the Mt. Juliet Fire Department, says, through all of it ..."Becoming part of the fire department - we're household."

A lady brought a pup litter of four ladies and one boy to the fire station 2 days ago.Lt.

Jason Ross states, "She was driving down Belinda Parkway, she saw numerous young puppies running in the road. They were pretty young, I am guessing 8 weeks. She stated she couldn't take them and she didn't desire them to obtain struck either, so ..."

"They possibly might've been hers, we have no idea however they got the puppies and called us," says Stephanie Cox, Mt. Juliet Animal Care and Control's supervisor.After the fire team

assisted the animals until they remained in the shelter's care, Cox asked the firefighters to call the bunch.Probie is a fire department term for a"beginner. "Probie is shy initially, inning accordance with Cox.

"As soon as she recognizes you're not out to harm any of her siblings, she'll show up and let you pet her and enjoy on her," Cox explains.Blaze is the leader of

the pack. Pierce is ridiculous and outgoing; named after the fire engine brand.Sarge is the only boy, and is the laid back one of the group. Siren is the runt, but there is more than meets the eye.Lt. Ross states,"We believed there was something incorrect with her eyes due to the fact that it appeared like her eyes were almost shut all the time. Her eyes are quite much split down the middle." "Horizontal half blue, half black. She

's very special in her eyes, "adds Cox.There is no lack of deserted and hurt kittycats at the shelter, but this is the first litter of puppies this year. All 5 puppies will be offered for adoption the week of July 9. Cox states,"Got everybody vaccinated, de-wormed, cleaned up.

Hopefully, they'll keep doing great. We simply want to make certain everybody readies and healthy and prepared to choose their brand-new home." Lt. Jason Ross says,"Individuals's animals are household. My animals are my household. I

would constantly want something helpful for them and it's the same thing for these puppies. They should have something excellent."Fire Team care for, name pups dropped off at station/Capt. Tyler Chandler, MJPD