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Race Against Time: Salman Khan and Ramesh Taurani discuss who will direct 4th part of franchise

Do not we all want to peep into our favourite stars’ illustration spaces– to overhear their conversations about life in, and beyond, films? Do not all of us need to know what they feel deeply about however cannot blurt out on social media or in interviews?

To access to such discussions beyond close doors, we have hired a fly on the wall. A silent viewer to conversations that do not make it to chatter publications, the fly on the wall brings us verbatim interactions that we cannot validate or deny ever happened.This week, our fly on the wall went all the method to Salman Khan’s Panvel farmhouse where, days ahead of Race 3, the superstar was commemorating the upcoming event of his film’s success with co-producer Ramesh Taurani, as they brainstormed about what’s in store for the franchise in the near future.Ramesh Taurani: Bhai, exactly what’s your Eid plan?Salman Khan: Nothing much, will just wish our

film.Taurani: No, the Eid of 2021. Salman: That’s three years later on. I do not even know where

I’ll be then.Taurani: You’ll be right here,

praying for Race 4’s success. Freeze all your 2020 dates for me.

Let’s do this.Salman: But Taurani sahab , let the 3rd part release first. Anyhow, I do not think in the idea of franchises.

That is insulting my audience’s intelligence. Likewise, I’ve already given my dates to Kick 2, Dabangg 3 and Tiger Never Dies. Taurani: However all those will launch prior to 2021. The slate is tidy then. Come on, let’s be Baaghi.Salman: You’re still in Jurassic World. Let. Let’s alter with time.Taurani: Oh, you suggest I need to sign Varun

Dhawan instead?Salman: Fine, all my dates are yours.Taurani: Great, so it’s you vs Bobby Deol in Race 4

. And think exactly what, you’re playing the villain.Salman: I do not play the villain. My nameis Khan and I’m not a criminal.Taurani: Cool. You’re the bad guy. Let’s decide the director. You wish to direct?Salman: Clearly. But we require a ghost director no. Bhoot, we want a bhoot.Salman: Avengers 4 is not a scary

comedy. It is a historical. It is a race versus time. Hey! Let’s do a historical thriller– Race Versus Time.Taurani: Woah! That’s remarkable. Let’s get a director who is also historical. Subhash Ghai or JP Dutta. Your pick.Salman: You indicate a director who makes historicals but is not history yet? I can just think about one name.Taurani: Ashutosh Gowariker! Sanjay Leela Bhansali!Taurani: Oh yes! Does he know Hindi?Salman: That reminds me. Katrina Kaif as the starlet and Iulia Vantur as her voice. Deal?Taurani: Okay. It can be set in the British age. Bobby can repeat his role of Bhagat Singh. Who will you play then? Saunders?Salman: Let me

play Chandrashekhar Azad. Salman Khan playing the bad guy is bad for your business.Taurani: My service< a rel =nofollow target=_ blank

href=https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/daisy-shah-reacts-to-memes-around-viral-race-3-dialogue-salman-khan-extends-support-4477947.html > is my company, none of your business (walks away).