Meet Toowoomba\’s leading 30 most elegant females

Meet Toowoomba\’s top 30 most stylish women

9th Jun 2018 5:00 AM

TOOWOOMBA might be understood for its gorgeous gardens and cafe culture, but it likewise has a credibility for having females with fantastic design.

The Chronicle has put together a list of its leading 30 most elegant women in the city, in no specific order.

The list consists of ladies who are often found out and about in stunning attire, as well as designer and others makings stride in the industry.

We know there are plenty more trendy women out there, so don\’t hesitate to add a remark, or sent us an e-mail and/or picture to with your leading picks.


Mary Wagner.Kevin Farmer THE Wagner family matriarch is constantly dressed to impress on her many public getaways. She was even a judge of the Emerging Designer Awards


in Toowoomba recently.


Maralyn Fitzgibbons.Bev Lacey Widely known in the hotel market, including

Toowoomba\’s Fitzy\’s, Maralyn is frequently visualized in her finest outfit.< img src= alt=\"Catherine Kirkwood.\"title=\"Catherine Kirkwood. \"data-largeimg= > Catherine Kirkwood.Bev Lacey SHE is the owner of Toowoomba boutique Ivy Designer Collections and exudes the same sophistication as her up-scale Margaret St shop. Julie-Ann Hedge.Kevin Farmer TOOWOOMBA woman Julie-Ann is frequently photographed in gorgeous attire, whether it be at theraces or at fundraising events. Brooke Marjoribanks.Nev Madsen BROOKE was called the 2016 Face of Weetwood and is likewise a milliner with her own company called MarjoriBanks Millinery. Leigh Quinlan.Kevin Farmer THE Platinum Hairstylist owner is typically identified out and about in stunning clothing. She even got the< a href = name=web > Fashions on the Field at last year\’s Melbourne Cup celebrations at Clifford Park. 8. Megan O\’Hara Sullivan


Megan O\’Hara Sullivan.Kevin Farmer TOOWOOMBA Regional Council councillor Megan O\’Hara Sullivan sports quirky and stylish outfits that turn heads at occasions across the area.


Jan Johnson.Nev Madsen HERITAGE Bank\’s Jan has actually made the list for her intense and stylish outfits. BRI works as an oral assistant at Westridge Dental however the stylish Toowoomba resident also owns her own online shop called Ophelia Shop. Felicity Wright, Kevin Farmer FELICITY is a style stylist with her own company called Wright Style. Anita Armanasco Nev Madsen ANITA, of Fitzy\’s, is amongst the most stylish people identified in Toowoomba.


13.Bronnie Fitzgibbons Bronnie Fitzgibbons.Bev Lacey ANOTHER entry from the family at Ftizy\’s, Bronnie, dresses to impress. Toowoomba cosmetics artist Ellie Bee.Contributed WHEN this Toowoomba make-up artist is not making otherpeople look stunning, she is making a striking statement herself.

Kaye Foley.Kevin Farmer Bellinda Haase.Bev Lacey BELLINDA is a routine winner at Fashions on the Field and has her own company, Bellinda Haase Millinery. KAREN is another well-known face on the Fashions on the Field runway, constantly worn stunning dresses and striking head pieces. Amanda Herron.Kevin Farmer AMANDA understands a thing or two about style, running her own individual stylist company called Art of Design. Constance Bailey.Kevin Farmer THIS year\’s Face of Weetwood made a statement on the race course. She holds a diploma in make-up artistry and has strolled local and national catwalks as a model. 20 and 21. Donna Mills and Alexandria Cook

Donna Mills and Alexandria Cook.Contributed< p data-overlay-marker =\’\’>

Kristy Quade.Contributed IF YOU wish to see what design looks like, head to Kristy\’s own blog-Unchained and Insane. It features beautiful images, even some in our own city.Lauren Hope.Contributed LAUREN runs her own company in Toowoomba, Round Square Marketing, as well as managing two children while also looking trendy. 24 and 25. Amy Winks and Madeline Mills< p data-overlay-marker=\'media\' > Amy Winks and Madeline Mills.Nev Madsen ANOTHER mother daughter team to make the list, Amy and Madeline took over city boutique Smoke and Mirrors previously this year and came armed with comprehensive experience in the style market. Kaitlyn Neuendorf.Oh Tilly KAITLYN always looks good while managing her own blog, The Regional Area, and young son Zepha.

Ally Martell. Simon Hall

ALLY has dealt with various publications in the Toowoomba area, consisting of Styleand Ruthpublications, and makes sure she always looks the part.

28. Carolyn Taylor-Smith



Carolyn Taylor-Smith Contributed

Clare Greenhill.Contributed TOOWOOMBA female Clare is elegant, similar to her own clothing couture business called Rowen Couture.< p data-overlay-marker=\' media\' >< img src = alt=\" Natalie Zielke.\" title= \"Natalie Zielke.\" data-largeimg= > Natalie Zielke.Bev Lacey NATALIE constantly makes a statement on the race course as well as made headings after she changed a $ 14 Kmart doona into a sensational dress.