Buhari can also fight the abandoned property injustice

By Luke Mmamael

Given That President Mohammadu Buhari has shown that he could combat for justice, I had thought that with the reviewing of June 12 elections in Nigeria, he would have used his excellent workplaces to ensure that the oppression of the deserted home was addressed to make for full reconciliation in Nigeria.The history of the

abandoned property in Rivers State(especially in Port Harcourt)go back to when the Federal troops took control of Port Harcourt throughout the Nigerian Civil War, the hinterland Igbo ran away northwards. When the Nigerian soldiers took control of Aba, the Igbo individuals continued to run back. The very same thing happened after Umuahia, Owerri, and so on, was up to the federal soldiers. From the northern part of Biafra, it was the very same story when the federal soldiers captured Nsukka and Enugu.After the war, the Federal government came up

with the No-victor No-vanquished policy in addition to the 3 R’s: Rehabilitation, Reconciliation, and Reconstruction.Consequently, the Igbos licked their wounds and went back to their pre-war stations in various parts of Nigeria. Those who returned to Rivers State (and a couple of other parts of Nigeria)got an impolite shock awaiting them. The home they legally obtained and properly signed up with lands prior to the civil war had been taken and considered as” abandoned property.”Deserted residential or commercial property in one’s nation? It sounded like a joke. Strangely enough, it remained and the owners were passing away out of damaged heart. Nigerians converted and seized their compatriots’home and continued as if absolutely nothing took place from 1970 till date.President Muhammadu Buhari deals with the individuals at the opening event of the International Press Institute(IPI)World Congress

2018 held at the State House Conference Center Abuja.Nobody understands the number of the direct victims of this oppression died of heart break, seeing their fellow citizens use the power of government to unjustly seize residential or commercial property they laboured

for years to construct under the pretence that the home was abandoned. There were stories of individuals in some parts of Nigeria (particularly in the North )who cared for their good friends’property throughout the war, when the war was over, they not just handed them back to their good friends, they likewise handed them loan gathered as lease during the civil war. In Rivers State, property managers who had lost their capital returned after the war to the rude shock that they had actually likewise lost the only home they were banking on. They lacked shelter, while viewing another occupy your house of their sweat. The sobs of distress of such males and their individuals ought to not be considered granted.The owners of that deserted home oppression are still asking for justice. The time has come, a God-fearing male sent out to unite and save the Nigeria country has come. He restored our belief in Nigeria as by the proclamation of June 12 as our democracy day, granting posthumously the greatest National award to Chief MKO Abiola, the assumed winner of that election and apologized to the nation, therefore, bringing the entire of the south west to excellent One Nigeria.President Mohammadu Buhari and the APC government ought to lean on the power of God and do the best thing on the deserted residential or commercial property injustice by bring back the property seized by the obnoxious deserted home policy in Rivers State to the owners and apologize to the owners on

behalf of the Nigeria nation for wrongly keeping their residential or commercial property for over 48 years. If he does it, many God-fearing, justice-loving indigenes of Nigerians and South East individuals will rally round him. Will President Mohammadu Buhari muster the guts to right this wrong? The response is YES. President Mohammadu Buhari can do it.