Jim Carrey is a struggling children’s TV host in Kidding trailer

Jim Carrey is a struggling kids’s TV host in Kidding trailer

After nearly 3 years star Jim Carrey is going back to tv as the lead in the new show, KIDDING. The Showtime series is executive produced by none other than his EVERLASTING SUNSHINE director Michel Gondry(who also directed several episodes) and centers on a Mr. Rogers-esque children’s entertainer called Jeff, a.k.a Mr. Pickles, who deals with an extreme crisis in his individual life. Unlike the kids in his audience, Pickles has no one to direct him through these troubles as he slowly breaks down and watches his world collapse. No, do not anticipate a wonderful romp with puppets and vibrant sweaters.In his first series routine function in over two decades, Jim Carrey stars as Jeff, aka Mr. Pickles, an icon of children’s tv, a beacon of kindness and knowledge to America’s impressionable young minds, who likewise anchors a multimillion-dollar branding empire. But when Jeff’s family begins to implode, he discovers no fairy tale or fable or puppet will guide him through the crisis, which advances quicker than his methods to cope. The result: a kind guy in a cruel world deals with a sluggish leak of peace of mind as hilarious as it is heartbreaking.The show likewise stars Frank Langella as Seb, the

producer of”Mr. Pickles ‘Puppet Time”, who fears the million-dollar empire he and Jeff have built is at stake. Then there’s Catherine Keener as Dierdre, the head puppet maker who has her own crises to deal with and; Judy Greer as Jeff’s other half who leaves him. The program is executive produced by Michael Aguilar(I’M DYING UP HERE), Roberto Benabib (WEEDS), Jim Garavente( BAD WORDS), Raffi Adlan(THE GREEN HORNET)and Jason Bateman How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World – Trailer # 1

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