Muslims are outraged – U.S. Supreme Court approves Trump’s full travel ban

Supreme Court promotes Trump's questionable travel ban - Muslims sob "We are victims of Islamophobia".
The Supreme Court is enabling the Trump administration to completely implement a restriction on travel to the United States by citizens of 6 mostly Muslim nations. The restriction uses to travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.
Every Western nation deserves to defend itself versus extreme Islamic terrorism.
ISIS exploits the influx of immigrants from Syria to penetrate into Western countries and bring out terrorist attacks in the name of Allah.


-- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

26 ביוני 2018 [UnderMain] Here is why Western nations should embrace Trump's Travel Restriction:
Trump, as a candidate, hired 2015 for a restriction on refugees from terror-laden nations.
Trump is proper, Simply take a look at what has been happening to Europe in recent years because the beginning of the immigration crisis.
Here are only couple of examples:

3 June 2017 - London: 8 people were killed when three Muslim terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge.

22 Might 2017 - Manchester: Suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a bomb at Manchester Arena as fans were leaving an Ariana Grande concert, killing himself and 22 others.

7 April 2017 - Stockholm: Muslim terrorist drove stolen truck into a crowd in the Swedish capital, eliminating four individuals and injuring 15 others.

19 December 2016 - Berlin: Muslim terrorist drove a truck into a congested Christmas market in main Berlin, eliminating 12 people and injuring 56 others.

Hundreds of innocent people have been eliminated in terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Britain, Finland as well as Sweden.
After Millions of prohibited immigrants and refugees have actually penetrated into Europe thanks to the EU's open borders policy.

According to British media, London is now more dangerous than New York City. According to criminal activity stats, criminal offense throughout the U.K. was up 13%, with much of it in London. Rape, burglary, Acid attacks, honor killings and violent offenses have actually surged drastically. Figures like these have increased in many European countries, with Sweden ending up being "Europe's rape capital," Germany's steep rise in violent and criminal activities, and Paris's regular horror attacks.

EU, Australia, US, UK, as well as Canada needs to close their borders.
A nation without borders is a country without security.
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