Pakistan hub of terrorism, spreads false narrative about Kashmir: India at UN

United Nations: Pakistan is a "hub of terrorism" in South Asia and beyond and its "cynical" efforts to spread an incorrect narrative about Kashmir have actually always been unsuccessful, India has actually said at the UN.India's remarks followed Pakistan once again brought up the Kashmir concern in its Right of Reply.The representative of Pakistan said that the High Commissioner for Human Rights has actually identified many infractions in Kashmir and included that repeating groundless allegations do not make them fact.A farce can only presume, the Pakistani agent said, according to the info about the session

offered online.India exercised its right of reply following a General Assembly argument the other day on the duty to protect after Pakistan

said that Kashmir was never ever a part of India.First. Secretary in India's Permanent Mission to the UN Sandeep Kumar Bayyapu stated in India's Right of Reply that"repeated and negative attempts by Pakistan, a center of terrorism in our region and beyond, to spread a false narrative about the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir have not succeeded earlier and will not do so now". He asserted that India did not want to engage on this further.During a June 25 General Assembly dispute on the Duty to Secure, Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi

had made a referral to the concern of Jammu and Kashmir.India had then strongly rejected Pakistan's referral to Kashmir in the 193-member UN body saying in its Right of Reply that negative attempts by Pakistan to raise the Kashmir problem in the UN have failed in

the past and do not find any resonance in the UN body.With Pakistan once again describing Kashmir in its Right of Reply yesterday, Bayyapu responded that throughout the session on obligation to safeguard recently, India had actually positioned on record its rejection of

yet another effort by the delegation of Pakistan to misuse the UN online forum and raise the issue of Kashmir.He said India was constrained to take the floor again yesterday following Pakistan's brand-new remarks.