#SardineRun2018: First fish netted at Kelso

The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board undertook a tracking flight to Port St Johns yesterday (Thursday) early morning after observing increased sardine activity in the location in between Waterfall Bluff and Port St Johns.The first little

pockets of sardines were identified in the Kelso area followed by couple of smaller sized ones off Mtwalume and Ifafa. These were clearly visible due to the extremely clear water visibility and there was no predator activity seen with these shoals.One of the commercial seine netters managed to net 500 crates at

Kelso in the mid-morning. Although the majority of the fish netted were sardines there were other shoaling baitfish types combined with them, which prevails with the early shoals.Sardine shoals accompanied by countless dolphins, Cape gannets and sharks were plainly noticeable from simply north of Mkhambati southwards to Umgazana which is to the south of Port St Johns.\”This was extremely interesting to see as we have not observed this type of intense activity so close to KZN for a variety of years.

It is extremely hard to try and forecast when and if this spectacle will reach KZN and the timeline might be anything from a couple of days to a perhaps a week or more. \”Need to the fish continue northwards it appears that we may be in for among the much better sardine runs seen in a long while. The majority of the shark safety equipment between Hibberdene and Port Edward has actually been eliminated from the water in anticipation of the arrival of the sardines and associated predators. It is highly likely that the couple of staying beaches that are currently open for bathing will have gear removed early tomorrow morning,\”said the Sharks Board\’s Mike Anderson-Reade. The Sharks Board comprehends the frustration sometimes experienced by some beach users at this time of the year when conditions are enjoyable for bathers but bathing is restricted due to the removal

of the shark safety gear, nevertheless interest the public to comprehend and support the reasons for these decisions.< img src= https://southcoastherald.co.za/inc/uploads/sites/52/2018/06/IMG_20170724_114514-Small-520x400.jpg alt width =520 height=400 > The Board will continue to monitor the motion of the shoals and will


handle the shark safety gear in consultation with the coastal municipalities that are affected.For news directly to your phone, add us on WhatsApp 082Â 421 6033