Traffic police fines Mumbai male for providing ‘raise to complete strangers’ stranded in rains; viral FB post starts dispute online

Written by Shreya Das|New Delhi|

mumbai rain, mumbai rain lift to strangers, giving lift to strangers, moto vehicle law, ipc section 66/192, bizarre news, odd news, viral news, indian express, india news The Mumbai techie shared his experience online to make cars and truck owners knowledgeable about this "unidentified law". (Source: Nitin Nair/ Facebook)Constant rains in Mumbai led to water-logging across the city and interrupted both road and rail traffic. The rains, tape-recorded as the season's highest, declared 3 lives in the city and its adjacent locations. Commuters were seen stranded in many parts of the city. Amidst all the turmoil, one male decided to assist stranded commuters. But his 'good deed' was seen as an illegal act by the Mumbai traffic authorities and he was penalised.Nitin Nair was on his method to office when he found a senior male and 2 others marooned in heavy showers. Nair used them a lift considering that they all were going to the same direction. A traffic authorities took his license for offering lift to"unidentified people". Not just did he pay a fine of Rs 1,500 to obtain back his license, he had to go to court and "accept"his mistake. Feeling "pitiful "about the whole experience, he took to Facebook and discussed how baffled he was to understand that it is illegal to use lifts to strangers-- a law that the majority of automobile owners might not understand. The post is now going viral creating a substantial dispute online." The moment they got in and I started the vehicle, one

traffic policeman in a towing automobile waylaid me and asked me to show him my license,"he wrote in his post. He initially believed his vehicle was parked at a no parking zone and thus the cop stepped in. The police officer said,"It is illegal to provide a lift to unidentified people". Speaking to the, the 32-year-old IT professional said,"My only intent of writing that post was to make cars and truck owners familiar with this law ... As I make sure most of them like me are uninformed of such a law."Nair was charged under Section 66 (1 )checked out with 192( a) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which clearly

restricts utilizing of private automobile for industrial usage. The occurrence occurred near Airoli Circle, a location where it is not uncommon for people to find cars and truck owners providing lifts in private transportation for a cost." The cop did not ask [passengers] anything,"Nair told Nair was fined under the law, which handles utilizing personal lorries for transport without the requisite license, he highlights how some apps honestly run their service based upon the same principle-- charging charge by offering lifts. He questions how such services "honestly promote their app where unknown individuals can get a lift for a charge in a private car, "while individuals like him were fined for the exact same. "I most likely might not offer lift to strangers in future however will certainly assist a mishap victim or in emergency scenario like heavy rains,"he said.Here how individuals

on Facebook reacted to it: What's your take on this law? Inform us in remarks below.For all the most recent

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