The best ways to Tell if You Truly Like Someone

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell the difference between liking someone and liking the idea of being with them. Figuring out how you feel about someone requires honesty with yourself, but it\’s the first step on the path to finding a great partner!


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EditTesting Your Compatibility

EditExamining Deeper Feelings


  • Always be yourself and be honest with the person you like. You want to make sure that they know the real you, not a show that you put on.
  • Try to keep things casual at the start of a relationship to make sure no one gets hurt. Take your time getting to know them until you jump into a commitment.


  • Don\’t end a friendship with someone if you decide you don’t want to date them. Give them some space, but let them know that you still want to be friends.
  • If you’re questioning your feelings about them, try to be respectful of their feelings and don’t lead them on by promising a relationship.

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