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Picking a cell plan is becoming increasingly like picking a cable TV bundle.

Verizon isn\’t the only carrier tacking additional superlatives onto its \”\” plans.

Today AT&T is announcing that as of June 26th the AT&T \”Unlimited Enhanced\” plans will be , replaced with the new AT&T \”Unlimited &More\” and \”Unlimited &More Premium\” plans.

Here is what AT&T has to say about these new plans:

\”We were the first wireless provider to pair entertainment and unlimited data. That’s because unlimited is pretty limited without entertainment. So now we’re taking it even further to give you more for your thing.\”

And while these plans now come bundled with AT&T\’s new 30- \”Watch TV\” live streaming service (presumably this is for your \”thing\”), they actually have nothing new to offer mobile internet users more interested in an \”Actually Unlimited\” plan with ample shareable data.

Particularly if you have an older AT&T plan that has any truly unlimited lines on it, do NOT be tempted to switch to these new AT&T plans!

But if you instead are looking for a live TV and internet bundle – the \”&More\” just might be appealing to you.

NOTE: Not a typo, the official AT&T way to write the new plan names is \”&More\” without a space. Who comes up with the names for these plans?!?!

Video Verizon of this Story:

The Unlimited &More and &More Premium plans are only slightly changed from the Unlimited Enhanced Plus and Enhanced Choice plans – though they are slightly more expensive for the basic &More plan compared to the Enhanced Choice, and the price for additional lines beyond four has gone up across the board .

  • – Unlimited talk and text, and on device data, network managed after 22GB. 15GB of high-speed tethering / hotspot usage. All video is throttled to 1080p resolution. Starts at $80/mo for a single line. Plus you get to pick a single free premium service.

The premium options available with Unlimited &More Premium are HBO, Showtime, Stars, Cinemax, Pandora, Amazon Music, or VRV.

This choice of perk replaces the free HBO option that had been available with many AT&T plans in the past.

BTW – if \”Watch TV\” is not enough channels for you, AT&T customers on the new plans remain eligible for a $15/mo discount on DirecTV or DirecTV Now service.

NOTE: AT&T hasn\’t published all the fine print and deeper details for the new &More plans yet. Once they do on the 26th when the plans go live, we will update here with any additional information we uncover.

AT&T\’s Watch TV – Soon Available to Anyone

AT&T\’s Watch TV channel lineup.

Now that AT&T owns both DirecTV and Time Warner, the company\’s focus is very media centric.

AT&T\’s new Watch TV service is launching with 30+ live channels – with more coming. The focus of course is channels that AT&T now owns.

Popular channels bundled include AMC, IFC, Sundance, BBC America,  A&E, History, Lifetime, Animal Planet, Discovery, Food Network, HGTV, TLC, Cartoon Network, CNN, TNT, TBS, TCM, and more.

In the near future various Viacom channels (like Comedy Central) will be added to the mix as well – but the traditional national networks and sports channels are unlikely to be included any time soon.

Channels will be available live, and some shows and movies will also be available on demand. If you miss a scheduled broadcast time, you will be able to rewind up to 72 hours to catch up on what you\’ve missed.

But presumably, commercials will not be skippable.

The Watch TV service will debut with an iOS and Android app, and will also be watchable via web browser and via various streaming devices.

The new Watch TV service is debuting bundled with the AT&T \”&More\” plans, but it will soon be available for anyone to subscribe to for $15/mo – even if you are not otherwise an AT&T customer.

TIP: If you have an older AT&T plan and are interested in Watch TV, you might find it is actually cheaper overall to add Watch TV on to your old plan for $15/mo rather than upgrade to the new more expensive bundled plan.

The Age of Bundles is Upon Us

AT&T\’s is all about video streaming.

With Network Neutrality essentially dead and media mega-mergers ramping up, what we are seeing with AT&T\’s latest plans is likely to be just the beginning of TV, Internet, and Cellular growing increasingly tied together.

Verizon has made no secret of its own ambitions in this space, and T-Mobile has said that it plans to soon bring the same sort of disruptive energy to the TV streaming world it brought to cellular.

A lot of these ambitions come down to advertising.

If carriers can monitor what you watch and where you surf they can build up profiles that become extremely valuable for targeting you. If you thought ads that followed you around web sites were annoying, just wait until they start popping up on top of the shows you watch too.

An interesting future indeed…

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