Celebrities at D.C. Rally Suggest Trump Immigration Policy Would Target U.S. Citizens

Pop vocalist Alicia Keys and starlet America Ferrera recommended at an open borders demonstration in Washington, D.C., Saturday that the Trump administration would target their U.S. resident children.Keys informed the hundreds collected around a stage at the Households Belong Together March in D.C. on Saturday about her seven-year-old kid, recommending that the Trump administration would separate her child from her even if he is a U.S. citizen.

“I couldn’t picture being separated from him … or terrified about how he is being treated. This is all of our fight, because if it can occur to any child, it can take place to my kid and your kid and all of our kids,” Keys said.Ferrera likewise recommended that the Trump administration would deport her brother and her sis for being immigrants.” It is simple to envision

that I would hope that if it was my family being torn apart, if it was my sibling being arbitrarily criminalized, if it was my sis who was being banned, that somebody would stand up for me and my family.”

Keys and Ferrera prompted open borders protesters collected in Washington, DC, Saturday to end the Trump administration’s “zero-humanity policy,” vote versus the administration’s migration policies, and not pull back.

“Our democracy is at stake. Our humankind is at stake. We are out here to conserve the soul of our nation. We need all the children reunited with their parents. We require to end the “zero-humanity” policy. We have to save the Supreme Court, and we have to vote since when we vote, we win,” Keys informed the audience.

“Thank you for your strength, thank you for not pulling back,” she added, to which the crowd reacted with chants of, “We’re not pulling back!”

The march in D.C. is one of numerous protests taking place throughout the country on Saturday, arranged and moneyed by MoveOn.org and other left-wing groups.