Body & Soul line-up revealed for Electric Picnic

We shouldn’t have favourites, but Group Hot Press cannot get enough at the mo of David Keenan and The Fontaines DC.Here’s how the August 31-September action stacks up:

Body & & Soul Phase – Bad Bones/ Barq/ Bitch Falcon/ Bon Voyage/ Daithí/ David Keenan/ Fontaines D.C./ Gundelach/ James Canty/ Halo Maud/ Hak Baker/ Hvmmingbyrd/ LAOISE/ Lilla Vargen/ O Emperor/ Oscar Jerome/ Orchid Collective/ Paddy Hanna/ Pillow Queens/ ROE/ R.S.A.G./ Ruby Empress/ Ryan Vail/ Sleep Burglars/ Slow Location Like House/ Soulé/ Super Additional Reward Party/ The Blue Notes/ The Brummies/ The Modern Strangers/ Tracy Bruen/ YOUNGR

Earthship Phase – 1000 Beasts/ Baba/ Full Night’s Sleep/ Blackbird and Crow/ Bobofunk/ Bobby Basil/ Imagining Jupiter/ DJ Eamonn Barrett/ Elaine Malone/ Erica Cody/ Fat Pup/ Happy Alone./ Jah Monk/ Jazz Jam/ Junior Sibling/ Kate Brennan Harding/ Luka Palm/ Mom DJs/ Munky/ Naughty Celebration/ Parly B/ Proper Micro NV/ Rub a Dub Hi-Fi/ Spice Bag/ Soul Badger/ Susie Q/ SYLK/ The Clockworks/ Turf Softies/ Will Gently/ Concerns Outernational

Peace Pagoda – AGorilla/ Baz Hickey/ Cáit/ Davy Kehoe/ Dream ~ Cycles/ Melly/ Maria Somerville/ Neil Flynn/ No Location Like Drone/ Now You’re Swingin’/ R. Kitt/ Rob Le Nan/ Sarah Rossney/ Soft Stone/ Wastefellow/ Zvuku

The Bandstand – Aine Duffy/ As Humans/ BIRDWOMAN/ Cantina Bop/ Cathy Flynn/ Ciaran Moran/ Club Convenience/ Imagining Jupiter/ Dublin Digital Radio/ Generic Individuals/ H&G Creations/ Jus Damien/ Justyna Koss/ Kid/ Ophelia/ Phraktal/ PrYmary Colours/ Reveller/ Rosa Nutty/ Supagreen Sound Maker/ Tanjier/ Technique Mist/ VJ Jackson/ Zapho

All we can state to that lot is wow!The countdown to Electric Picnic collects apace with the announcement of the Body & & Soul area. As usual, it’s a gloriously diverse affair with celebration crowd pleasers aplenty.