CalSTRS 2017-18 financial investment return rate is 9 percent

California’s 2nd biggest public pension fund beat its investment goals for the 2nd year in a row, officials reported Friday, due in big part to rising US and international stock exchange.

The California Public Educators’ Retirement System reported an net return of 8.96 percent on financial investments for the 2017-18 that ended in June.

That’s a much better return than the 7 percent CalSTRS depends on earning every year. It’s a slightly better than the 8.6 percent return that the bigger California Public Employees’ Retirement System earned over the previous 12 months. Both funds beat their targets for two straight years.

In a declaration, CalSTRS Chief Investment Officer Christopher Ailman cautioned that the rate boost did not signify a long-term increase in the return rate.

“We will rank high compared with similar funds, however it is only one year,” Ailman stated. “We have to duplicate that efficiency year in and year out, on average, over the next Thirty Years. No little task, but our award-winning personnel and our complicated portfolio are developed to do just that. This is a marathon, not a sprint to the goal.”

He also alerted that the threat of a trade war with China might posture a risk to the favorable returns in stock exchange. Because January, the US market has seen a favorable development but has actually been less stable.

The bond market curve has actually flattened, which historically has signaled a recession within 15 months, he stated in remarks to the CalSTRS Retirement Board.

“Taking a look at history to me, this literally seems like the 1960s,” Ailman stated. “I understand we don’t have the Vietnam War, I understand we don’t have college riots, but kid, the discontent in this nation is palpable. And I have no idea how that ends, but it’s normally not positive.”

CalSTRS has about $224 billion, about 70 percent of what it would require to pay all of the benefits it owes to California instructors and senior citizens.

The California Retired Teachers Association commemorated the pension fund’s year.

“CalRTA applauds CalSTRS’ work to safeguard the retirement security of California’s teachers,” said Angelique Hill, executive director of the California Retired Teachers Association, in a declaration to the Bee. “Our whole state take advantage of a strong public education system, consisting of offering retirement security to educators. Once they leave the class senior citizens contribute millions of volunteer hours and billions in financial activity each year.”