‘Mission: Impossible’ led to another round of headaches for MoviePass

UPDATE: The situation with MoviePass has gotten even more precarious given that this post released on Monday early morning, with another failure and a couple of added information emerging as the day went on. Catch up comes for MoviePass with $20/month Stubs subscription– and it sounds incredible

It took a $5 million loan protected by MoviePass moms and dad Helios and Matheson Analytics to fix the scenario, the another Thursdaypost,

from Jenna_bird, read.”Skyscraper, Mission Impossible, and Hotel Transylvania are some that currently have rise pricing, but not the Incredibles 2 which has been out for awhile. A ticket is routinely around$ 14 here … Conserving a few dollars just after seeing my 2nd movie in a month is not worth the hassle of dealing with MP ticketing constraints.”A Saturday post from ticapnews: “MoviePass is now charging

more in peak pricing($8)than the price of a ticket at some theaters on the west coast. Also, the app has actually disabled every theater other than partner theaters(for me a minimum of). The only motion picture displayed at them is MI6 and that is greyed out.”A Sunday post from D_Vecc:”Each and every single movie is at an$ 8 surcharge here on long

Island for me … I may cancel my membership if this doesn’t change.”This is a tiny cross-section of comparable posts that can be discovered in the stretching Peak Pricing thread. It’s a big mess, and one that has enormous implications varying far beyond the inconvenience of customers being locked out of Mission: Difficult over the weekend.The MoviePass guarantee is a great idea that’s proven to be popular, however the company’s ever-changing terms of service and current difficulties delivering on even one of the most standard functions continue to be a huge problem. It’s hard to look at all this and not come away with the idea that right now we might be witnessing the last days of MoviePass.