Montana group gets approved for CrossFit Games

BILLINGS – For the second year in a row, the CrossFit Games will be held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin and a team from Montana will put their training to the test there this week.

The Crossfit Games are the culmination of the 2018 Crossfit Season, which includes hundreds of thousands of competitors worldwide.Athletes initially contend in

the open, then regionals. The final teams advance to The Games.”We will be up versus 40 teams in the

whole world. It started with 600 teams at Regionals and narrowed down to 40 worldwide,”staff member Mack Unruh said. Other staff member are: Hope Cicero, Yurii Hanson, and Ashley

Shaeffer. Evan Corneliusen is an alternate.This team is the first and just team from Montana to receive the CrossFit video games.

“I believe combined in between everyone, it’s Twenty Years of training for each of us integrated,”Unruh stated.”It’s been something we have actually all been training for a really a very long time, and for me it’s simply humbling that we get to experience.”Most of the workouts they will compete in are concealed up until quickly before they get involved

.”I think sky’s the limitation, touch on swimming, biking, running, the barbell, heavy lifting, the worm, drags, sprints

, there’s a challenge course, so there’s a lot, “Shaeffer said. The team has kicked their training up a notch.”We were lucky adequate to work with a person named Brian

R. Chontosh and we did a 24-hour, where we went 24 Hr straight of training up at Lake Elmo, bring exactly what’s called the worm, which is a 400-pound apparatus that we do around the lake, a mile and a half, and swimming around the lake and cycling and it’s been extremely intense, “Unruh stated. The games will check the leading 40 males, 40 women, and 40 groups.” That’s the excellent thing about a group is that we all can rely on each other when we are having a hard time

. We have another three people that are going to exist cheering us on and keep us going,”Unruh said. The Games start Wednesday, August 1, and conclude Sunday, August 5.