Numero Uno takes sustainable style a notch higher with One Glass Water Denims

, among India’s first indigenously produced denim labels, has constantly been a strong believer of sustainable fashion. Adding to their commitment to the global green movement, the brand name has actually recently released its one glass water denim collection.

Numero Uno takes sustainable fashion a notch higher with One Glass Water Denims
Numero Uno embraced this innovation as a response to the environmental concerns that are being dealt with today therefore representing a new period in the industry in which environment defense plays a key role.Traditionally, a set of jeans needs 70 liters of water to complete the washing and finishing process however Numero Uno, through its brand-new sustainable procedure and improvised innovation, has actually handled to reduce the water and chemical usage considerably by utilizing one glass of water to produce one pair of jeans.Numero Uno adopted

this innovation as an answer to the ecological problems that are being dealt with today hence representing a brand-new era in the market where environment defense and employee wellness play an essential role., CMD, Numero Uno states “Our company believe that we can create appealing looking denims & safeguard our natural deposits at the very same time. This collection is actually an effort to reinventing the hazardous effect of commercial wash procedures of making denims on our environment”Numero Uno prides itself on properly innovating and driving the improvement of the

textile market towards sustainability by releasing their brand-new series of jeans, One Glass Water Denims. The jeans are priced in between Rs 1,899 to 2,499 per pair.Numero Uno, one of India’s very first indigenously made denim labels, was incorporated in 1987 by Hi Fashion Clothes Co., the Flagship

brand of Numero Uno Clothes Ltd.Over the years, Numero Uno Jeanswear has actually changed into a vibrant and perceptive label for the youth. Today, it has the privilege of being one of the few power brands that fuses international patterns, ingenious materials, washes, treatments and available rates.