Robots: Human beings to ‘link minds to machines’ to go to own funerals

Futurologist Dr Ian Pearson believes human beings will one day be connected to external makers while alive to boost intelligence.Such technology could likewise enhance memory and sensory capacity, he added.And the previous cybernetics engineer contends that when you pass away, 99 per cent of”you” will still be running on a machine.It has actually led the previous rocket scientist to absolutely declare people will be attending their own funeral services in less than 32 years.Dr Pearson wrote on his blog, Futurizon:”The majority of my blog sites about immortality have had to do with the innovation mechanism– including external IT capability to your brain, improving your intelligence or memory or senses by utilizing external IT linked seamlessly to your brain so that it feels exactly the very same. GETTY FUTURE: An expert believes human beings will be attending their own funerals as robotics

“Assuming you conserved enough and prepared well, you link to an android to use as your body from now on, attend your funeral service, and after that continue as in the past, still you, just with a younger, extremely upgraded body”


“Up until possibly, by around 2050, 99% of your mind is operating on external IT instead of in the meat-ware in your head.”

He included: “One day, your body dies and with it your brain stops, however no huge problem, since 99% of your mind is still fine, running gladly on IT, in the Cloud.

“Assuming you saved sufficient and prepared well, you link to an android to utilize as your body from now on, attend your funeral service, and after that carry on as before, still you, just with a more youthful, extremely updated body.

“Some people might have to wait until 2060 or later up until android price falls enough for them to manage one.

“In principle, you can switch bodies as frequently as you like, due to the fact that your mind is resident elsewhere, the android is simply a momentary front end, simply transportation for sensors.

EXDOLL: Inside China’s’smart’ sex doll factory Exdoll’s engineers are working to bring sex dolls to life with expert system AFP/Getty Images An employee trims a doll’s skin flaws “You’re sort of immortal, your mind still running just fine, for as long as the servers carry on running it.”

Not genuinely never-ceasing, but at least you don’t disappear the minute your body quits working.”His forecast comes amid a surge of warnings about the effect of robotics on the human race.Earlier today it emerged that robot submarines are poised to take to the seas in the next 5 years. REVEALED: The world’s first mass production human robotic factory The ADA Mini robots can speak, identify faces, and process

what they see, hear and smell Getty Images The ADA Mini will be deployed at Istanbul’s brand-new 3rd airport And they’re stated to be coming for sport, too.