What is the REAL ID Act? A passport needed for United States citizens to travel domestically

If you’re not a hard-core globetrotter, however still delight in exploring the Photo: United States Department of Homeland Security

Exactly what do I do if my state has actually gotten an extension, is under evaluation, or is not compliant?Get moving. Obtain

a passport, or a passport card now, even if you just plan on taking a trip locally. 52-page passport at no extra charge, so that if you ever travel, you’ll have room for all the visas and stamps needed. You never know when you’re going to win an all-expenses paid trip to Fiji.Is my state-issued Enhanced Motorist’s License acceptable by federal agencies?Yes, it’ll be sufficient. State-issued improved chauffeur’s licenses are designed to offer both proof of identity and United States citizenship. These licenses permit traveling between the United States to Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean due to the RFID(Radio Frequency Identification )chip and barcode on it. If you’re fortunate adequate to reside in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, or Washington, these are currently the only states that release Boosted Motorist’s Licenses.Will I be turned away by TSA if I do not have a license from a certified state?Yes, you’ll be turned away if you don’t provide an alternate kind of ID that is compliant with the REAL ID Act, such as a passport. Appropriate forms of ID include: United States passport US passport card DHS relied on traveler