7 Restroom Remodeling Patterns to Transform Your Area

Everybody needs a little time in their day to relax and revitalize. What better place to do that than a newly redesigned bathroom? Whether you’re a DIYer or decide to rely on the knowledge of an expert contractor, the ideas below can change your space into an oasis that’s suitable for royalty.The genuine beauty of

today’s patterns is that you can mix and match surfaces, textures, patterns and wood types as you like. To puts it simply, eclectic is in! If you’re tired of having problem with that leaky faucet or can’t stand looking at your drab bathtub, then it might be a good time to remodel.Creative Storage If it looks like you never ever have enough storage area in your bathroom, use the open vertical area in the space by placing a counter-top cabinet on the vanity or hanging a linen cabinet on the wall. Open shelving is still

a furry, four-legged friend in the family, you’ve probably wished there was an easier way to shower it in the house. If so, you might think about an open-concept shower that allows you to stroll your family pet right in without lifting it over a troublesome wall. No more strained back muscles or tripping. Safeguard versus falls( for you and your friend )with a non-slip shower floor

. You’ll also want to include a

removable showerhead or portable, waist-high spray to quickly rinse away soap and dirt.Add a built-in cat litter box to keep the mess and odors included for easy clean-up. Keep your curious animals far from poisonous cleaning products and medicines by adding security locks to your cabinets too.It’s Your Option Whether you opt to do a minor bathroom remodel or a major renovation task, the concepts above can transform your area and perhaps even increase your home’s resale worth

. Consist of some creative storage concepts, timeless colors, high-tech elements, advanced lighting, and pet-friendly features to make your restroom shine.And remember– the Unison HomeOwner program can help you open your house equity to spend for much required repairs or

remodels. No matter what you opt to do, you may happily surprised at how even small changes can refurbish your area and provide it brand-new life.